5 Valorant Movement Tips That Valorant Players Must Learn!

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Hello Vicigers, in this article we will discuss Valorant tips about what moves players should learn in the Valorant game. Movement is one of the most important game mechanics of Valorant.

One of the main gameplay mechanics is in-game movement. Understanding moves and using them properly can not only save players from certain death, but can also result in kills.

From spawn to sites, taking advantage of cover and not letting enemies know their location, a Valorant player must predict everything when they move. Players must also have in-depth knowledge of map locations. Here are 5 pro Valorant tips that all Valorant players should know.

5 Movement Valorant Tips That Valorant Players Must Learn!

Don't rush into the enemy site

5 Movement Valorant Tips That Valorant Players Must Learn!

One of the first mistakes every Valorant player makes is rushing into an enemy site, without gathering information or checking the site. This gives opponents lots of opportunities to set traps and ambush players.

One of the first things players need to understand about the move is not to press W and rush to the site. They need to work with teammates to gather information and then find alternative routes into the site.

Use Shift To Avoid Footstep Sounds

5 Movement Valorant Tips That Valorant Players Must Learn!

Often in the heat of battle, players forget to hold their feet. This gives opponents clear information about the player's location and makes them easy targets based on the sound of their footsteps.

Players must understand the situation and take advantage of this feature by pressing the Shift key. The Walk feature reduces the player's movement speed but depending on the situation, it may be necessary to stealthily sneak up on an opponent and kill.

Use Agent Special Moves

5 Movement Valorant Tips That Valorant Players Must Learn!

The abilities of some agents in Valorant provide additional movement control. Understanding these abilities and leveraging them is an important part of this movement.

Some of the most common are Jett's Updrift and Tailwind, Raze's Blast Pack, Omen's Shrouded Step and From The Shadows, Sage's Barrier Orb, and Yoru's Dimensional Drift.

So the skills just now can be used to harass enemies when they want to ambush, and if the player already understands the skills and also understands the map too, then it's easy for a player to harass the enemy to ambush.

Make use of distractions

5 Movement Valorant Tips That Valorant Players Must Learn!

When moving around the map, making use of the right diversions and distractions can help the team enter the site. For example, making a deliberate diversion at site A could lure an opponent from site B and have him rotate to site A. This way, another teammate can stealthily move to the location and plant the spike.

This method is very effective in in-game, because most players are very quickly provoked when getting distracted from opponents.

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Taking a Step Back Does Not Mean Losing

5 Movement Valorant Tips That Valorant Players Must Learn!

It is very possible that certain pushing to sites may not work in Valorant matches. Because of this, it's important to understand when the team needs to back off and move to approach the site from another entry.

When you fail to push to one site, all you have to do is back off to take over another site. The pro players also did the same thing in carrying out the attack, they did not hesitate to retreat and returned to making strategies to penetrate and control other sites from the enemy.

Maybe there are still many players who still like to push when pushing towards the site. This can be detrimental to the team and the team may even lose a round just because they are forced to enter a site that is heavily guarded by the enemy.

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Maybe this article about Valorant tips is here first, hopefully all Vicigers can understand what was just said. And wait for news about the latest patches and new agents from Valorant. Because Valorant has given a new teaser agent on its official website today.

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