5 Sharp Tips to Push Rank in Mobile Legends

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Multiple players Mobile Legends who want to increase their rank, but not everyone knows how. In this article, we will share some good tips that you can use to win when pushing rank in Mobile Legends.

By implementing some of the tips discussed below, it is hoped that you can easily win when pushing rank in Mobile Legends.

So, for those of you who are curious about the tips for pushing rank in Mobile Legends, here's an explanation!

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Choose a Hero that Fits the Meta and Role

Mobile Legends Push Rank Tips
Roles in Mobile Legends. Source: VCGamers

One important factor in Mobile Legends is the selection of heroes. You must choose a hero according to the role required by the team.

The roles that are in Mobile Legends including tanks, fighters, assassins, mage, marksman, and support. Each role has different functions and tasks in the team, so you must master the hero you will choose and play according to that role.

Apart from that, you also have to pay attention to meta or hero trends that are currently strong in the game. Meta can change every season or update, so you have to always stay abreast of the latest developments.

There are several heroes who are always on the ban or pick list because of their extraordinary strength or abilities. If you can use meta heroes well, you will have a big advantage in the match.

To choose a hero according to your role and meta, you can see recommendations from pro players or MLBB YouTubers. You can also view hero statistics on the hero menu or leaderboard to find out their win rate, pick rate, or ban rate.

You can also try various heroes in classic or brawl mode to train your skills and get to know their mechanics.

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Communication and Cooperation with the Team

You can't play alone or be selfish if you want to win. Therefore you have to coordinate with the team to determine strategies, targets and positions in the match. You also have to help each other and protect your teammates if they are in danger.

You can use voice feature chat or quick chat to communicate with the team. This feature is very useful for providing important information such as enemy locations, cooldown skills, or requests for help.

You can also use the ping or signal features to notify the team about the situation on the ground. And don't forget to always be polite and positive when communicating with the team.

Apart from that, you also have to follow directions from the team leader or shotcaller. The team leader is the person responsible for making important decisions in matches, such as when to push, gank, retreat, or take objectives.

The team leader is usually the most experienced player or has a good vision of the game. When you follow the directions from the team leader, it will be easier to win.

Effective Farming and Rotation

Mobile Legends Push Rank Tips
Effective Farming and Rotation. Source: Mobile Legends

Farming is the process of collecting gold and exp from minions, jungle monsters or turrets. Farming is very important to increase hero levels and items.

The more gold and exp you get, the stronger your hero will be. Farming can also give you an advantage over enemies who farm slower or less.

Meanwhile, rotation is the process of moving from one lane to another to help the team or look for kill opportunities. Rotation can help you get more gold and exp from kills or assists, as well as putting pressure on enemies.

Rotation can also help you take important objectives such as turtles, lords or turrets. For effective farming and rotation, you have to pay attention to several things such as:

  • Minion and jungle monster spawn times
  • Positions of enemies and teammates
  • Lane and turret conditions
  • Map condition and vision
  • Objective priority

You must always keep a safe distance from the enemy when farming so that you are not easily killed. You should also avoid farming in enemy jungles without vision or backup.

You should always take a buff or crab according to the role. You also have to always be ready to change lanes if a teammate needs help or has an objective that can be taken.

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Understand Items and Emblems

Items and emblems are two things that can increase your hero's status and abilities. Items can give you additional damage, defense, attack speed, movement speed, cooldown reduction, lifesteal, or other special effects. Apart from that, emblems can also provide additional basic stats such as physical attack, magic power, armor, magic resistance, or crit chance.

You have to understand what items and emblems are suitable for the hero you are playing. Each hero has different items and emblems according to their role and playing style.

You also have to be flexible in choosing items and emblems according to the match situation. For example, if the enemy has a lot of magic damage, you can buy magic resistance items. If the enemy has a lot of crowd control, you can buy purify items.

You can see recommendations for items and emblems from MLBB pro players or YouTubers to learn more. You can also try various combinations of items and emblems in custom or practice mode to see the results.

Evaluate and Learn from Mistakes

Evaluate and Learn from Mistakes
Evaluate and Learn from Mistakes. Source: VCGamers

Finally, what is no less important is evaluation and learning from mistakes. No player is perfect or has never lost in MLBB.

Every player must have made mistakes or wrong decisions in a match. What's important is how you can admit and correct the mistake.

You can use the replay or history features to look back at the matches that were played. You can analyze what you did well or badly, what could be improved or improved, and what could be learned from the match.

You can also watch live streams or videos from professional players or MLBB YouTubers to get useful tips and tricks.

By evaluating and learning from mistakes, you can improve your skills and knowledge about MLBB. You can also avoid the same mistake in the next match.

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Those are five surefire tips for rank-up in MLBB. Hopefully this article is useful and helps you achieve the desired rank.

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