5 List of the Best Indie Games on Mobile Platforms

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We will review indie games that are available on mobile platforms. Yes, currently there are a number of indie games that you can find.

Indie games are games created or designed by a person or group. Simply put, they worked on this game without any interference from publishers or big publishers.

Then, the distribution and promotion process for this game tends to utilize existing digital channels.

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5 Indie Mobile Games

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All Indie Games (Source: Medium)

The following is a list of exciting indie mobile games that you can play when you are bored. Do you have a favorite:


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One of the indie mobile games that you must play is LIMBO. Maybe you've heard about the game LIMBO before.

LIMBO is an indie game developed and released by Danish game developer Playdead on July 21 2010.

This genre of LIMBO combines elements of puzzle and atmospheric horror with a single-player game mode.

If you want to play LIMBO, you can play it on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Microsoft Windows, OS X, iOS, Linux, Xbox One, Android and Nintendo Switch.

The gameplay is quite exciting because you have to solve puzzles in a horror environment and face various threats that come and go.

The point is, you have to be very clever at avoiding enemy traps to be able to level up and successfully utilize the environment around you to overcome various obstacles.

One of the horror elements in this game will give you deep tension like in horror places in general, plus a jump scare effect that can surprise players.


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Florence (Source: Google PlayStore)

The next mobile indie game is Florence. This game was developed by an Australian game developer, namely Mountains, and published by Annapurna Interactive on February 14 2014.

This interactive novels genre game can be played on the Android, iOS, MacOS, Microsoft Windows and Nintendo Switch platforms.

The story will focus on the story of a young woman named Florence who lives her daily life in a city.

Here you will play it by following his love story, personal development and important moments in his life.

You will also help to overcome problems such as in the work environment, love stories, personal problems through existing narratives.

One of the interesting things in the Florence game is that it really gives the emotional feelings experienced by humans in general.

Through this game we can also indirectly overcome the problems we face in real life.

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Alto's Odyssey

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Alto's Odyssey (Source: Noodlecake Studios)

The next best and most exciting mobile indie game is Alto's Odyssey. This game was developed by Snowman and published by Team Alto on February 21 2018.

This indie mobile game is an endless runner and snowboarding genre that you can play on iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and MacOS.

Here you will play a snowboarder character who will slide in an exotic desert with various kinds of challenges. One of them is jumping onto cliffs to collect coins and get the highest score.

The game visuals are very interesting because they present several seasonal conditions so that it makes the players feel like they are in that season.

Monument Valley II

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Monument Valley II (Source: Steam)

The next indie game is a mobile entitled Monument Valley II which was developed and published by Utswo Games on June 5 2017.

You can play Monument Valley, which is a puzzle and adventure genre, on iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows, which will give you an amazing gaming experience.

You will control two characters, namely Ro and his son, who will build architectural structures that have been previously designed.

Each level of building will be built super interesting and beautiful while solving the puzzles there.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sword EP

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Superbrothers: Sword & Sword EP (Source: Nintendo)

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP is a game developed and published by Capybara Games on March 24, 2011.

This action-adventure genre game is available on the iPad, iPhone, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android and Nintendo Switch platforms.

Later you will go on an adventure to find three magical artifacts called the Trigon Trifecta. The gameplay itself combines exploration, combat and puzzles.

You will be required to look for these artifacts while fighting against the enemies there using a simple fighting style.

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That's a list of the best and most exciting indie mobile games that you can play this year. Top up your gaming needs only at VCGamers Marketplace yes!

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