5 Anime Games February 2022, There's Attack On Titan You Know!

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Anime games are of course always a hot topic of conversation among game fans with these Japanese cartoon character designs.

Recently, anime game designs have been widely applied by game developers outside Japan itself, such as Genshin Impact made by MiHoYo from China.

Due to the popularity of the anime design, JRPG games are increasingly being marketed on well-known game platforms such as Steam and Android or Apple game platforms through Google Play and the App Store for iOS.

However, most of these anime games are still region locked or can only be accessed via a special server, which is usually a Japanese server. Therefore, there are special platforms that provide region locked games, such as QooApp and TapTap.

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There are about 5 anime games that will be reviewed in this article. Some of them are even games adapted from famous manga and anime in Japan.

5 Most Popular Anime Games for February 2022

Attack On Titan Brave Order

game anime attack on titan
Game Attack On Titan Brave Order logo

The first anime game that is still hot and warm is an adaptation of Hajime Isayama's manga series with the same title, namely Attack on Titan.

For information, Attack on Titan has also been adapted into anime for 4 seasons, with the most recent season being The Final Season which is currently airing.

The anime game Attack on Titan Brave Order, which was released on February 11, 2022, adapted the main plot of Attack On Titan, from the appearance of the Colossal Titan on Wall Maria and several plots after that.

game anime attack on titan 2
Game Cutscene Attack On Titan Brave Order

This anime game also carries a Turn-Based RPG, which means you will fight the enemies in the form of titans by waiting for the turn of the character you are playing.

For example, when you fight the Mindless Titan, the party you brought at that time will appear. Each party will consist of 3 members that you can arrange before the battle. However, for battles determined by the story, the 3 characters will be automatically selected by the game.

game anime battle attack on titan brave order
Turn-Based Battle Attack On Titan Brave Order

Because this game is turn-based, you have to wait your turn and also wait for the character's skills to be fully loaded before they can be used.

Because this game is still region locked or can only be accessed through the Japanese server, you have to download this game from a platform like QooApp or TapTap to play it. Of course, this game is still in Japanese entirely.

To make it clearer, you can watch the first 13 minutes of the Attack on Titan Brave Order gameplay developed by Enish Inc. via the following video.

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Heaven Burns Red

game anime heaven burns red
Game Anime Heaven Burns Red

An anime game developed by WFS Inc. it's also still hot and warm because it was just released for a week, on February 10, 2022 to be precise.

game anime heaven burns red battle
Turn-Based Battle Heaven Burns Red

This game is also the same as Attack on Titan, carrying a turn-based RPG theme for the battle. Meanwhile, this game also requires you to gacha characters so you can fill the party to fight enemies and continue the story, of course.

In terms of graphic design and characters, this game is definitely for those of you who like to collect 2D waifu, because all the characters are dominated by kawaii women.

game anime heaven burns red story
Story Mode Heaven Burns Red

Not only that, this anime game also has lots of BGM and OST that are pleasant to hear along with the voice acting typical of Japanese voice actors. It is certain that this game will become a popular game this year.

Unfortunately, Heaven Burns Red is also still region locked and you can only enjoy it in Japanese. This anime game was also specifically released for iOS and Android only.

If you want to see first hand impressions for this game, please watch the video below for more details.

Gate Of Nightmares

game anime gate of nightmares
Game Anime Gate Of Nightmares

Gate of Nightmares is an anime game developed by Square Enix for iOS and Android. This game was also released on October 26, 2021, and carries an RPG theme for in-game exploration.

Different from turn-based RPGs, Gate of Nightmares carries a battle action RPG. That is, when facing opponents, you have control over the actions of the characters in your party.

The applied Action RPG allows you to target certain opponents to defeat them with certain character combo attacks, or use special skills to fight certain targets.

Of course, every time you use a skill there will be a cooldown of varying skills. For characters that you don't control, they will automatically fight the enemies according to the orders you gave before the battle, or through special features during the battle.

game anime gate of nightmares gacha
Gacha In Game Anime Gate Of Nightmares

To get a character, you also have to do gacha first. As for the characters that are currently rate-up, you can see according to the banners available in the game.

The character design of Gate of Nightmares is similar to the anime Fairy Tail, because it was designed directly by Hiro Mashima, the author of manga Fairy Tail and Rave Groove Adventure.

Like the previous two games, Gate of Nightmares is still region locked and only available in Japanese.

This game has received a lot of updates, and for those of you who haven't played this anime game, you can see the footage in the video below, as reported by the YouTuber. Lein Xceed.

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Tower Of Fantasy

tower of fantasy anime game
Tower Of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is a game that is planned to be released in 2022. This anime game will also be developed by a company from Taiwan, namely Hotta Studio and Perfect World Games.

Based on the trailers that have been widely circulated, this game will resemble an MMORPG game, which means you will explore an open world with a certain party and fight action game-style enemies.

Until now, players who have participated in CBT or Closed Beta think that this game will be of the same type as the Genshin Impact game, especially in terms of exploring the world, building characters, as well as other RPG features such as maps and guilds.

This game is also designed for PC, so you can enjoy even more GG graphics by playing on a bigger screen. While waiting for the release, check out the CBT experience Lein Xceed by watching the video below.

Black Clover Mobile

black clover mobile anime game
Black Clover Mobile

It has been announced since 2021, Black Clover Mobile will also be the anime game that you are looking forward to because it will adapt the plot of the manga title Black Clover by Yuki Tabata.

When viewed from the first look, this anime game will carry the open world theme and be of the same type as the game that will be released as well, namely Seven Deadly Sins.

So far, the game that will be developed by Shueisha and Vic Game Studios has released up to two trailers. Starting from the trailers, the entire graphic design and even the background of this game resembles the Black Clover anime.

Surely you can't wait to play the adventures of Asta and the Black Bull members in this game, Vicigers! So, watch one of the trailers below.

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Those are some games that have received updates and have been released in February 2022. While waiting for game updates that haven't been released yet, it's a good idea to play Attack on Titan, Heaven Burns Red and Gate of Nightmares first Vicigers!

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