Here are 5 Jungler Mistakes in Mobile Legends, Avoid This Habit!

mobile legends jungler

Hello fellow Vicigers. 5 mistakes of mobile legends jungler players that you must know!

This time we will discuss the mistakes of mobile legends jungler players from their heroes and how to play them in Mobile Legends! most of the jungler players of course still make a lot of mistakes in farming even during war. Want to know anything? we discuss in full to the end.

Than really curious! Come on, let's take a look at the following discussion article!

Jungler Mobile Legends Error

Not Doing Farming

mobile legends jungler

Jungler Mobile Legends is something that must be mastered by every pro player, because this will really help players to get winning stars, so cooperation with team members will run smoothly.

A mobile legends jungler team will have their respective roles and tasks when carrying out matches, this must be implemented and carried out by each player so as not to disrupt the game scheme that has been prepared.

One of the important roles that must be owned by a team is someone who serves as a core hero. Usually, players who fill this position are heroes with Assassin or Marksman (MM) roles.

The core hero has the task of giving attack and damage to his opponent, this is one of the factors that can affect the team's victory. Hero Core itself will usually fill Midlaner or Sidelaner when in the battle arena.

If the hero core doesn't go well, and even gets a lot of kills, it will give the team a loss, and the chances of winning will be very small. So the fight will finish faster.

A core hero must be careful when making moves, because the positioning of the core hero must be considered and maintained so that it is not easily killed by the enemy. So that the level increase can be increased quickly.

Do not Participate in Team War

not following the war

When farming, we have to focus on team fights, which means war together with our opponents, even though the term farming is very important especially for core jungler mobile legends players, it's better to do war together and get kills to add points from the team.

As a core role or mobile legends jungler, even all lines must take the initiative to follow the presence of tanks to carry out team fights together.

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Farming Jungler Mobile Legends Tricks

farming tricks

There are several types of ways to do farming, namely by using the mobile legends jungler. Usually this method is done by core heroes such as assassins or marksman. This is done to add more gold and exp.

This method is very familiar among gamers. Players usually take jungle, buff, turtle, card, to lord. This can add a lot of resources that can increase the hero's strength to make him sicker.

Both of you can do this by just using minions. Usually this method is done by hero support or assassins, and marksman can also use this method.

Core heroes usually use these two methods to get the most out of them. Then this minion is divided into two, namely gold laners and exp planers. Each of the two has a different resource.

Then another way of farming is just using items. So your items can be played using roaming items which will give you gold in just a few seconds. Usually this method is used by tank heroes.

This tank hero will not focus on farming like junglers or minions, so this method is perfect for tank heroes.

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Using Raptor Machete

raptor machetes

You can use Raptor machete for assassin heroes or marksman heroes who have physical type damage. Then for assassin heroes who have damage with magic type you can choose star shard items and for heroes with low durability you can use beast killer items.

So in the early game you can activate the AoE skill first because this skill has the greatest damage and the widest range. That way you can do farming faster if you activate this skill first.

Third, you can start farming by taking a blue buff. Because the blue buff can provide many advantages including saving while accelerating mana or energy regeneration, and accelerating colldown.

So, you can try to take the blue buff first so that the skill cooldown is fast and has a lot of energy, and you don't need to recall back and forth. You can use this method if you use Fanny, Ling, and Lancelot heroes who waste mana or energy.

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