5 Elden Ring Armors that Have Special Effects

Elden Ring armor

Talking about armor in the world Elden Rings it's never ending. There are many types of armor in this game that players can use.

However, many players are not aware of the important factors that must be considered before deciding which armor to use.

So, in this discussion we will briefly discuss armor Elden Ring game which has special effects when used. 

Some of these armors have unique effects that may not be very visible but greatly influence the player's success in combat. 

No need to wait any longer, just take a look at the list of armor with unique effects in Elden Ring below!

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List of Elden Ring Armor with Special Effects

List of Elden Ring Armor with Special Effects
Source: CBR

There are at least 5 best armors in Elden Ring with special effects that support players in certain combat conditions. Below we have reviewed it in full, see the explanation below: 

Briar Set 

Briar Armor Set
Source: YouTube/Golem Gaming

Armor Briar Set is an item that supports your mobility when attacking an enemy when your HP is low. Briar Set has an active effect when avoiding attacks while moving towards the enemy.

The effect of this item allows you to paralyze enemies who will come back to life with just one attack.

This effect is very useful to support Quickstep and Bloodhound's Step. Although with very little effect when you use it.

To get this armor you can defeat Elemer of the Briar in Shaded Castle. You can also buy this armor from Enia at Roundtable Hold.

Alberich's Set

Alberichs Armor Set
Source: YouTube Fredchuckdave

Alberich's armor is useful for increasing the damage effect by 20 percent if Briars of Punishment and Briar of Sin are activated.

This magic causes damage and reduces the opponent's health continuously. To get this item you can go to the Fortified Manor in Leyndell, Royal Capital.

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Omen Set 

Omen Armor Set
Source: YouTube No-Nonsense Guides

If you want this armor you must be willing to defeat the Loathsome Dung Eater first.

This armor has a unique effect that can increase damage when you use the Omen Bairn and Ragal Omen Bairn items by 20 percent. 

Black Knife Set

Elder Ring Black Knife Armor
Source: YouTube PureDMG

Visually, Black Knife has the most attractive appearance, especially on his chest.

Behind its attractive appearance, this armor has special effects that are useful when facing PvE and PvP battles.

When you use this armor the character's movements become silent. This effect is very effective for sneaking up on a group of enemies because they will have difficulty sensing your arrival.

To have this armor, you can find it in the city of Liturgi, precisely behind Ordina.  

Raptor's Set

Elden Ring Raptors Armor Set
Source: YouTube GV Guides

Raptor's Set is the newest version of the Bandit Set, this armor does not have leg protectors and hand protectors. This armor helmet has a unique appearance but unfortunately there is no special effect from the Skeletal Mask.

The advantage of Raptor's Set is when you attack the enemy while jumping. The attack effect of using the Raptor's Set will increase by 10 percent when used. 

The effect of your attack will also be greater when using it colossal weapon and wore this armor.

Increased damage resulting from the combination of the Raptor's Set with colossal weapons by 25 percent. 

This damage is comparable to the Claw Talisman which is useful for paralyzing enemies in PvE and PvP battles.

To find this item, you can go to the Sage's Cave which is located in the western Altus Plateau. 

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That's a brief review of armor with special effects in the Elden Ring game, good luck trying it.

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