10 Best Selling Game Console Favorites of Gamers of All Time 

best selling game console

From the past until today, there are a number of best-selling game consoles that you can find. This has been going on since the creation of game consoles in 1970s.

Until now, the console gaming industry is still developing with various innovations. There are three giant companies that dominate the game console trading market. 

These companies include Nintendo with Switch, Sony with PlayStation, and Microsoft with Xbox. At least from these three giant companies, ten of the best console products were born which are the choice of many game players. 

What are the console products of all time that dominate markets around the world? Just read this article until the end. 

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10 Best Selling Game Console Favorites of Gamers of All Time

This time we will review 10 game consoles which are certainly gamers' favorites from time to time. Sales of these various consoles have reached hundreds of millions of units. Of course, this is a big number!

Playstation 2 

best selling game console Playstation 2
Playstation 2. Source: YouTube Playstation

In first place, the best-selling game console of this century is the Playstation 2. PS 2 is a product of the Japanese technology giant, Sony which was released around the 2000s. Playstation 2 sales to date have reached 159 million units. 

The unique thing that makes it number one is its affordable price compared to others. Besides that, PS2 has a large game catalog. 

The reason PS 2 has an abundant game catalog is that at the time of its release many well-known game developers made exclusive games for PS 2. So many people were interested in buying them.

Apart from that, the superior feature that the PS 2 had at that time was its ability to play DVDs.

Many people finally decide to buy a PS2 because of its multifunctional capabilities. 

Playstation 2 was born in 2000 and stopped production in 2013. However, more than a decade after production stopped, there has been no new game console that has been able to compete with the sales of the PS 2. 

Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS
Nintendo DS. Source: Wikipedia

The next game console fell to the Nintendo DS. Since it was first launched in 2004 and stopped production in 2014, the Nintendo DS has achieved sales of up to 154 million units.

At that time, the Nintendo DS was a game console with a cheap selling price. Another factor that supports the Nintendo DS becoming the best-selling game console is its long battery life, large selection of variations and special editions. 

Popular games from the Nintendo DS include New Super Mario Bros, Mario Kart DS, Nintendogs, and Mario Party DS. 

Nintendo Switch

best selling game console Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch (Source: Nintendo Life)

The third best-selling game console is the Nintendo Switch, which was released in 2017. Seven years after its release, the Nintendo Switch has sold 129.5 million units. The factor that influences the high sales of the Nintendo Switch is a brilliant marketing strategy. 

The best games on Nintendo Switch are The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This video game became very popular and was very popular and many people recognized it. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Nintendo Switch remained afloat thanks to its popular video game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

The success of the Nintendo Switch as a best selling game console cannot be separated from other factors such as its unique design, abundant game catalogue, and fun multi-player stick console.

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Game Boy

Game Boy

Game Boy is Nintendo's portable game console which was released in 1989. This portable game console became the best-selling product after selling 118 million units worldwide. 

The portable design of this product makes it easy for users to play it anywhere. Apart from that, the Game Boy's battery life also supports its portable design. 

Game Boy was the best choice for gamers at that time to accompany them when traveling or traveling.

It's not surprising that the Game Boy is the 4th best-selling game console.  The next factor that supports the Gameboy is its diverse game catalog with various genres.

The game genres available on this portable console include action, adventure, puzzle games, etc RPGsThe iconic games from this game console are Tetris, Super Mario Land, and Pokemon Red & Blue. 

Playstation 4

The best-selling game console PS4 by Sony
PS4 by Sony. Source: Sony Playstation

PlayStation 4 is a Sony product after successfully selling 117 million units worldwide. Like its predecessor Sony's game console, the PS4 relies on exclusive games as an attraction.

Besides that, PS4 offers features in the form of a Bluray player and support for accessing streaming applications such as Netflix. 

Another advantage of the PS4 is its powerful CPU and RAM. This makes the gameplay feel smoother and more responsive than its predecessor. 

However, the PS4 has not been able to compete with the sales of its predecessor, the PS2. Because when Sony released PS4, many gaming consoles such as Xbox One and Nintendo Switch became the strongest competitors.

Exclusive PS4 games that have high quality include God of War, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, The Last of Us Remastered and Ghost of Tsushima. These games are a special attraction for PS4 because they are not available on other consoles. 

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PlayStation 1

Playstation 1
Playstation 1. Source: Wikipedia

Playstation 1 is a game console made by Sony which at the time of its release had a competitor, Nintendo 64. PS1 managed to beat its competitor, which only sold 32.9 million units. 

Meanwhile, PS1 managed to sell 102.4 million units of its products worldwide. The success of PS1 is supported by video games mainstays such as Final Fantasy 7, Tekken 3, Crash Bandicoot, Tomb Raider, Resident and many others. 

Playstation 3

best-selling game console PS3 Fat
PS3 Fat. Source: YouTube Nathan Vintage

Sony Playstation 3 became the best selling game console which managed to beat its competitor Xbox 360.

This game console successfully sold 87.4 million units. Even though the PS3 has not succeeded in competing with the unit sales of the PS1, PS2 and PS4, it is still included in this list.

Xbox 360

best selling game console Xbox best selling game console
Xbox best selling game console. Source: Nathan Vintage

The Xbox 360 game console is a Microsoft product that is a direct competitor to Sony's Playstation 3. Xbox 360 sold 84 million units worldwide. 

Even though historically the Xbox 360 was defeated by the Playstation 3, the Xbox 360 managed to beat Nintendo's contemporary game console, the Wii. The Xbox 360 stopped production in 2016 after being replaced by its successor, the Xbox One. 

Game Boy Advance

best-selling game console Game Boy advance
Game Boy advance. Source: Evan Amos

The next console that managed to dominate the game console trade at that time was the Game Boy Advance. This portable console managed to sell 81.5 million units of its products worldwide. 

Nintendo released this console in 2001 and within four years the Game Boy Advance was successful. Before its success was replaced by the Nintendo DS which entered the market in 2004. 

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