Latest Yin Build Recommendations in Mobile Legends

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One way to make a hero in Mobile Legends to be overpowered is to use the right build. Therefore, you must use the latest Yin build which is very deadly and not easily defeated by the opponent. 

The hero that was released on January 18 2022 itself has a Fighter role with a very unique 1 vs 1 fighting power. In fact, he can counter strong heroes like Yu Zhong, Natalia, or Lancelot. 

So, to be able to master and maximize the fighting abilities of this hero, of course, you need something called the latest Yin build arrangement that suits him, understand the skills he has, and also know how to play this hero himself. 

For those of you who are curious about the latest Yin build, just look at the following review until it's finished!

List of Latest Yin Builds

Yin is one of the heroes in Mobile Legends who is quite weak in the early game, so using the most painful build for him is absolutely mandatory. 

War Ax

latest yin builds
the latest yin build uses the War Ax

For this new hero, War Ax very important and can make this hero maximize his abilities to bring the team to victory. 

You will get Physical Damage and thicken blood. Apart from that, he will also get a Cooldown Reduction of up to 10 percent.

War Ax will share a unique passive in the form of Fight Spirit in the form of 9 Physical Attacks and 3 Physical Penetrations every second for 3 seconds. 

Endless Battles

Endless Battle - Zilong's Painful Build
the latest yin build uses endless battle

The second item is Endless Battle which has a lot of damage, one of which is an additional +65 Physical Attack. 

In addition, with Endless Battle, you will receive +250 HP, +5 Mana Regen, +10 percent Cooldown Reduction, +10 percent Physical Lifesteal, and +5 percent Movement Speed. 

He will also get a unique passive in the form of Divine Justice, where when using a skill for 3 seconds, he will get True Damage up to 60 percent and Cooldown Reduction for 1.5 seconds. 

Warrior Boots

Warrior-Boots - Barats build
the latest yin build uses Warrior Boots

The third option is Warrior Boots, where this shoe item will provide an additional Movement Speed of +40 which will increase its movement and you will not be easily caught by enemies. 

He will also get +22 Physical Defense and a unique passive Valor, where the Physical Defense of this item will increase by +5 when you receive a Basic Attack from your opponent. 

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Brute Force Breastplate

Brute Force Beastplate
the latest yin build uses beastplate brute force

As a defense item, the latest Yin build really needs a Brute Force Breastplate so it doesn't die easily when fighting with enemies. You get extra health up to +770 and increase your physical defense up to +45.

When using skills from the Brute Force Breastplate build, you gain a unique Brute Force passive with increased basic attack and movement speed. You also get physical and magical defense.


The latest yin items use hunter strike

The last recommendation is Hunter Strike where you can get more physical attack damage up to +80 and 10 percent Cooldown reduction.

Get a unique passive from Retribution which deals damage to heroes up to 5 times in a row and increases movement speed.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 

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Those are the recommendations for the latest Yin build that you can use to win in various team compositions during push rank.

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