What is Web 3 Gaming? Here's the Full Explanation!

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Web 3 gaming has revolutionized many industries, including gaming. A major change from traditional gaming platforms, Web 3-based gaming enables players to engage with games in an innovative and decentralized manner.

People can play to make money through cryptocurrencies and NFTs. This democratizes all aspects of the game and places the main power in the hands of the players instead of limiting it to one central authority in the game.

While in traditional games, in-game content or digital assets may be purchased with FIAT currency or may be claimed as prizes, the game operator retains the copyright to the content in the game.

In simple words, players do not own digital assets in the game. In traditional games, on the other hand, player ownership is simply a kind of license to engage with aspects of the game.

So, what is Web 3 gaming? Check out the full explanation below.

Get to know Web 3 Gaming

web 3 gaming
get to know web gaming 3

Web 3 gaming is a decentralized gaming process in which the activities of a game ecosystem or game platform, in particular ownership of game assets and decision-making across all aspects of games, are delegated away from any central authority.

Web 3 gaming is built by integrating blockchain into the gaming ecosystem, and allows gamers to express their opinions about when and how games should develop. 

Web 3 gaming also laid the groundwork play-to-earn for players, and it changes the aspect fee-to-earn by offering asset trading, tradable game tokens and the opportunity to earn in cryptos while playing.

Web gaming provides a fair virtual marketplace for the gaming industry, where players can access and have full ownership of digital assets in games. These assets are stored in the form of game NFTs and are unique in nature.

Web 3 gaming also provides a broad range of interoperability between different game ecosystems by connecting in-game assets and players across platforms.

The interoperability factor depends on the type of blockchain platform chosen to develop the game ecosystem. For example, Polka dot or Solana offers interoperability features in cross-chain communication bridges.

Web 3 Gaming Features

Web games are a value exchange gaming model where people can own and trade in-game objects and collectibles in the form of unique NFTs using cryptocurrency. 

Ownership and Interoperability

web 3 gaming

Web 3 gaming players can fully own in-game assets and collectibles in the form of digital NFTs. In traditional games, players own in-game assets and collectibles, but they lose all of their assets once they decide to change game platforms.

Web gaming solves this problem by providing true ownership and interoperability between platforms. Players can own in-game assets on one platform and carry them over to the next gaming platform.

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Integration For Legacy Games

web 3 gaming
webgames 3

This gaming web has another interesting feature of integrating and enhancing legacy game models to the metaverse and blockchain platforms, making them decentralized in nature.

The game process is personal, and each player has his own preferred game. Web3 offers to enhance old and popular games by extending them into the metaverse, where players can create their avatars and trade their favorite in-game assets and collectibles.

Web3 Games adapts the game ecosystem based on the wishes of players. There are various ways in which Web3 games benefit players.

One of them is aspect play-to-earn, where they gain an advantage through their in-game items; another is legacy game integration that satisfies players' desire to play their favorite games in the metaverse.

Another aspect of player-driven gaming is that Web3 games support self-sovereignty, which is again for the player's advantage.

Transparent Games

web 3 gaming
NFT web gaming

Web 3 gaming is a distributed process in which games hosted on the blockchain, making it unhackable.

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Without a single point of failure, blockchain-based games depend on voting consensus to modify the game process and are equally accessible to all players involved in the network.  In this way, Web3 games ensure a high level of transparency.

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