Want to Counter Beatrix Mobile Legends? This is the Hero You Should Use

Beatrix Mobile Legends

Finally Beatrix officially appeared on the original server. This hero with the marksman role is classified as OP and hard to beat. So, for those of you who are annoyed when fighting Beatrix, use Beatrix's counter hero below.

Generally, a hero has 3 skills, but unlike Beatrix, she actually has 8 skills, with 4 weapons that can be used. Of course Beatrix is a very OP hero. For that reason, you have to use a series of counter heroes to make him lose.

Here, we will provide ways and recommendations for Beatrix counter heroes that you can use.

Counter Hero Beatrix Mobile Legends

To immobilize Beatrix is actually quite easy. You just attack him quickly before he moves.

  • Chou

This fighter hero is very well-known for his skills that manage to defeat enemies quite easily. Beatrix is no exception, Chou can be a Beatrix counter that you can use. He can hit enemies easily, give freestyle, make kitting and initiate quickly. You just have to target Beatrix wherever she goes.


  • Jawheads

Jawhead, who is currently a meta hero, can easily defeat Beatrix. That's because of the ultimate lock skill and Jawhead's ejector skill. He could be the best Beatrix counter. To beat her, you only have to lock Beatrix using Jawhead's ultimate, then throw Beatrix towards your teammate.


  • Kaja

Kaja has a very strong disable ability to counter Beatrix. His ability to give CC Suppressed makes it easy for Kaja to beat Beatrix. He could be one of Beatrix's counters. To defeat him, you can use the first combo skill, second skill, and Kaja's ultimate skill.


  • Benedetta

Benedetta is a hero with a special assassin role, especially this season. Benedetta is a meta hero with the position of jungler and hyper carry which is very effective in paralyzing various enemies here. So, you can use Benedetta as one of Beatrix Mobile Legends' counter heroes. Just use Benedetta's combo attack which can shoot forward towards Beatrix and then immobilize her. Guaranteed Beatrix will not move to face it.


  • Fanny

Fanny is one of the heroes who is so fast when he wants to beat his enemy. With this you can use Beatrix as a counter hero in ML. You can easily immobilize Beatrix by using a combination of her attacks.


Fanny can fly towards Beatrix, then launch an attack using her second skill, because Beatrix doesn't have CC, it's difficult for her to stop Fanny's movement which is very fast. Fanny can easily immobilize Beatrix by using her slashes and ultimate.

Counter Hero Beatrix in Mobile Legends

  • Saber

Furthermore, you can use the Saber hero to become one of Beatrix's counter heroes in Mobile Legends. Saber has a skill which allows this hero to defeat Beatrix with one attack. This ability can give Beatrix a little movement so that she will immediately lose instantly. By using Saber, you can beat him very easily.


  • Franco

Franco is a tank that you can make into the next Beatrix counter hero. You don't need to doubt the ability of Franco to defeat a hero in Mobile Legends. So, you can use this tank hero to become a hero who can easily immobilize Beatrix. Use the first skill to hook Franco, then use ultimate when you want to lock, and let your teammate beat him.


  • Johnson

Furthermore, Beatrix's counter hero in Mobile Legends is Johnson, who is a tanker hero who has unique abilities. He allows him to bring teammates and target an enemy hero. You can direct this hero towards Beatrix, then hit her so it will be difficult when she wants to move. Continue attacks from your teammates who can deal damage to Beatrix.


  • Helcurt

Helcurt is a hero with an assassin role who has a very strong ability to counter his enemies. By using this one hero, you can beat Beatrix quite easily. Helcur can be Beatrix's counter hero in Mobile Legends, you only need to use her ultimate ability that can deceive the enemy's eyes, attack him, and give a silent effect and do burst damage using the second skill.


  • Natalia

Lastly is Natalia, this assassin hero has quite interesting skills, moreover she can easily attack enemies without being noticed. Use a still skill which can make you disappear, ambush Beatrix through the shadows, and then use all your skills to defeat Beatrix. Because she is a marksman hero, Beatrix doesn't have good durability.

So, that's an explanation of a line of heroes that can be counters for the best Beatrix Mobile Legends attacks that you can use right now. Hopefully the above article can be useful, especially for those of you who have a lot of trouble beating Beatrix. Thank you!

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