VCGamers Battle Arena February 2022 League of Legends: Wild Rift

battle arena lol wild rift february 2022

VCGamers Battle Arena February 2022 Back to celebrate the month of love! Especially for you game lovers LoL: Wild Rift It's really mandatory to join the Battle Arena this time!

Invite your team or mabar friends to come along VCGamers Battle Arena to get a total prize pool of five hundred thousand rupiah!

Come on, let's get straight to it, here's the complete information VCGamers Battle Arena February 2022!

League of Legends/LoL: Wild Rift

vcgamers batte arena league of legends wild rift

League of Legends/LoL: Wild Rift will be the one-of-a-kind tournament in VCGamers Battle Arena This February, so make sure you don't register late, Vicigers!

Here are the tournament details LoL: Wild Rift in VCGamers Battle Arena February:

venues:Online Tournaments
Open Registration:Now – February 17, 2021
Technical Meeting/TM:February 17, 2021 (VCGamers Discord)
Matchday:18 – 19 February 2021
Open Slots:32 Teams

Match Technical

Tournament LoL: Wild Rift this time 32 teams will participate, registration is open until Tuesday, 17 February 2022 at 17.00 WIB, then immediately proceed with TM at 17.30 WIB.

The match will be held for 2 days, namely on 18-19 February 2022, at 19.00 WIB every day until finished.

The mandatory requirement to take part in this tournament is that you have to join the Discord server VCGamers yes, don't forget!

You can directly contact the following contact person for registration information and more:


1st:250,000 VC Coins+e-Certificate
2nd:175,000 VC Coins+e-Certificate
3rd:150,000 VC Coins+e-Certificate

VC Coin is a digital wallet and electronic money that you can currently use to make payment transactions at VCGamers. 1 VC Coin is equivalent to IDR 1.

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Live Stream on Youtube

vcgamers battle arena lol wild rift youtube live streaming

For those of you who want to see the tournament League of Legends/LoL: Wild Rift online, click on the image above, to go to the official YouTube page VC Gamers Indonesia.

How about Vicigers? Are you ready to join the excitement of the tournament? LoL: Wild Rift this time? Anyway, don't miss & miss it, why? Because this tournament 100% FREE aka FREE!

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