Join the VCGamers Affiliator Program, Create Millions of Rupiah Content!

VCGamers Affiliate Program

Hola Vicigers! We have good news for those of you who want to earn extra money. It's easy, just by joining the program VCGamers Affiliator.

Currently we have prepared three affiliate programs for all of you. They are FYP, TOP and MVP respectively.

This choice certainly allows you to join affiliate programs according to your abilities.

To be clearer, you have to know the details of each of these programs. Let's listen!

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Three VCGamers Affiliator Programs


We want to invite you to be directly involved in development VCGamers through this affiliate program.

By joining this program, you can get additional income just by creating content.

Let's immediately review the three affiliate programs.


The first program is FYP. You can get prizes in the form VC Coin by joining this program.

The method is also really easy. You only need to share promo codes or information about VCGamers in the form of tiktok content or streamer overlays.

Get as many viewers as possible and bring home prizes totaling IDR 500,000 for three winners.

Prize details for winners:

  • 1st place IDR 250,000 (in the form of VC Coin)
  • 2nd place IDR 150,000 (in the form of VC Coin)
  • 3rd place IDR 100,000 (in the form of VC Coin)


The second program is TOP. You can join this affiliate program to get rewards from VCGamers.

How to get this prize will also be very easy. You only need to share a unique link that leads to VCGamers Marketplace.

So, you will get the unique link after you have finished the registration process.

You only need to embed the unique link in your bio, caption or broadcast, targeting as many clickers as possible on the unique link. 

We will announce the top 5 people every week. 

This is the amount of the TOP program reward that you can get:

  • 1st place IDR 250,000 (in the form of VC Coin)
  • 2nd place IDR 150,000 (in the form of VC Coin)
  • 3rd place IDR 100,000 (in the form of VC Coin)


The third program is MVP. We can get prizes with a total reward of up to IDR 1.5 million in the form of VC Coin.

To do this, you only need to make sure the promo code that you share is used by followers/fans 3x commission or 6% with a pool reward of IDR 1.5 million.

You can share promo codes in captions, streaming overlays, videos, broadcasts and more. 

Every Wednesday we will share the total number of commissions that have been earned.

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These three programs take place from now until May 31, 2023. Later, commissions will be distributed no later than Friday, June 2, 2023.

For those of you who are interested in joining this program, you can register yourself directly by contacting the VCGamers contact person directly. 

Call the number below directly for quick registration:

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Don't miss the opportunity to join this program. Make sure you become one Vicigers who gets the reward yes!

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