All Allies are Healed Using Roam Favor, Don't Return to Base!

roam favor items

Hola Vicigers! Roam Favor items on games Mobile Legends: Bang Bang as a MOBA genre game (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) is now being discussed! Wow! What is it?

Previously, you already know for sure that as long as you play MLBB you will be with several players in one arena and compete with the same goal.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a game designed for mobile users, in this game there will be 10 players divided into 2 teams where each team will compete with their respective heroes.

Various features are provided in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and one of them is an item, until now there are not a few Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players who don't know all the items and their functions contained in the game.

It is important for players to understand the function of each item in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, you can use these items to increase the damage of your heroes or counter items from opposing heroes.

The selection when purchasing items has an influence on the game, because these items will determine the course of the game, if you choose the wrong item then the hero you use in the game will be ineffective.

Roam Favorite Items

Roaming items are items in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang whose use is to make it very easy for heroes to carry out their roaming actions.

Roam favor items are items that can heal a team if you cast a heal or shield skill that can affect the teammates you have.

You should know that the amount of heal that this roam favor item produces is quite large, which is around 48-1200 HP, which scales with the gold that you get from the roam item. This effect is the best.

The current meta of the MLBB game (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang) hasn't changed too much from the meta support healer. Your core can be further protected by the existence of this favorite item, plus the Aegis or Revitalize battle spells.

The ability of this favorite item is perfect for tank hero types that don't have healing abilities. So that when you play later you don't need to use healing items anymore and can provide more slots for Physical.

Suitable Hero Using Roam Favor

This favorite roam item is perfect for heroes who have heal and shield area skills such as Estes, Hylos, Minotaur, Angela and Rafaela, if you use this item these heroes will really feel the effect.

In mid-July 2021 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang officially announced that jungle and roam items were officially combined into 1 part item with boots. This certainly has a good impact on tank and jungler roles.

Tank and jungler roles can save 1 item slot to buy other items that are far more useful during the late game without reducing the effects of roam and jungle items. How to activate a new item effect is certainly not easy.

How to get active effects from roam items is not instant, you have to be able to collect the 600 gold generated from the first time you buy the roam items, after collecting 600 gold the active effects and roam items will appear.

The way to buy Roam Encourage items is as follows:

  1. Open the Shop menu in the Mobile Legends game: Bang Bang
  2. Scroll to the Movement tab, press Roam
  3. Select the Roam Favor item

After carrying out the steps above, the Roam Favor item is ready to be used, for 15 minutes in the battle of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, there are three phases, namely early game, mid game and late game.

Now you all know about the uses of this Roam Favor item, starting from its effects, functions, how to use it and which heroes are suitable for this item.

Now,, immediately play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on your own account, use this item and feel how it works, as an item that can provide a very large healing effect. What are you waiting for? Try it soon!

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