Tricks for Playing Solo vs Squad PUBG During Push Rank February 2022

Solo vs Squad PUBG

Check out the tricks for playing Solo vs Squad PUBG during push rank in February 2022 on this page. Don't miss it.

Developed by Krafton, PUBG Mobile provides updates at intervals that mark the end of a certain period in the game.

Mostly, the update brings a new season, which offers the perfect platform for those players looking to push rank to conqueror or ace, adding prestige to their ID.

However, some well-known PUBG Youtubers prefer to play Solo vs Squad PUBG even during rank push. Here are some tips for those of you who are trying to imitate them to play solo vs PUBG squad.

How to Play Solo Vs Squad PUBG Ala Pro Player

Avoid Engaging In Unnecessary Fights

Solo vs Squad PUBG

The most important survival points during rank push in PUBG. you should avoid getting into unnecessary fights and know when to do it. This plays an important role when the rank pusher is stuck in the Solo vs Squad PUBG situation.

Even if you do get a lot of kills in a match, leaving early will eventually cost them points which should be avoided at all costs. Never force yourself to win. Just go if you can't deal with it.

Choose the Best Weapon Combination

Solo vs Squad PUBG

Weapons are very important in a battle royale game like PBG. Each player has their own preference in choosing weapons.

However, in the Solo vs Squad PUBG situation, preferences can change accordingly, because such situations require weapons that can help you grip your opponent easily.

Weapons with high damage capacity, low recoil, and less reload time are the most preferred weapons for Solo vs Squad PUBG situations.

All players have their own preferences when choosing weapons in Battle Royale mode. Players feel comfortable when they use weapons they know well. However, it must be remembered that the scenario changes in solo vs squad PUBG situations.

To increase your calculations and defend against squads, you should choose a weapon that has the capacity to deal relatively greater damage, helping you win in solo vs squad PUBG battles.

Use Utilities

Solo vs Squad PUBG

The use of utilities has become popular with the emergence of PUBG Esports following the popular META in matches. You can also be seen restricting enemy movements by immobilizing them with repeated use of frag grenades and Molotov Cocktails.

While the utility takes down some opponents, you can turn a PUBG solo vs squad situation into a 1v2 situation, which gives you a better chance of winning the battle.

Repeated use of frag grenades and Molotov Cocktails can limit the movement of opposing troops, even dropping one or two in the process, thereby increasing kill counts.

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Always Use Covers

Solo vs Squad PUBG

Taking a battle from cover greatly increases the chances of winning a fight. In a Solo vs Squad PUBG situation, you must focus on starting the battle from cover which will make the enemy have less vision to shoot.

When facing off in a solo vs PUBG squad fight, you don't need to rush at your opponent and let them push because it's easier to take down opponents who stay in the TPP than to push them out in the open.

You can also use a vehicle. Vehicles play an important role in BR mode. Those of you who prefer to play solo vs squad PUBG matches must bring a vehicle.

This will not only help with rotations and creating cover, but also to escape unnecessary fights, ensuring better shots to win matches with higher kill counts.

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That's the trick for playing solo vs squad in PUBG in February 2022 when you are pushing your rank to a higher tier. Some of the things above are indeed often applied by pro players when playing.

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