Peace Elite Asia Invitational 2021 Tournament

Asian Peace Elite

In the near future, it seems that PUBG Mobile will have a very big tournament. Yes, especially if it's not the Peace Elite Asia Invitational 2021 tournament. The presence of this tournament is an event for the best squads in Asia to prove the skills and abilities of each squad.

As is known, PUBG Mobile is one of the games with the battle royale genre which has high popularity. By having many users, PUBG continues to grow and has many tournaments. This makes a lot of pro players appear.

Some time ago, there was an event for squads in Asia entitled PUBG Mobile World League or PMWL 2020. In this tournament, PMWL was divided into 2 regions, namely the western region and the eastern region, then Asia entered the eastern zone. However, at that time, no one from the Chinese region entered the competition.

Then came the Peace Elite Asia Invitational which made all teams from Asia, one of which was from China. So if you are curious, see the review of the competition below. Here are some of them:

About the Peace Elite Asia Invitational 2021

Peace Elite Asia Invitational or known as PEAI is a PUBG Mobile tournament. This tournament will be held in China and use the Chinese version of Game for Peace or PUBG Mobile. However, in general, there is no significant difference between PUBG Mobile Global and Game for Peace.

Then the Peace Elite Asia Invitational is different from the PUBG Mobile tournament in the Chinese version, for example the Peace Elite Championship where the participants are the best teams around the world. However, in this Peace Elite Asia Invitational, only the best teams from the Asian continent will compete.

While the participants came from 2 top teams from PEL (Peace Elite League) and 12 other teams from representatives of several Asian countries and 1 from Tier 2 teams in China. Then with Indonesia itself, PMPL Indonesia Season 3 Champion, Geek Fam ID and the Bigetron Red Aliens squad will be represented as runners up.

Peace Elite Asia Invitational 2021 schedule


Then, the Peace Elite Asia Invitational 2021 itself will be held for several days. Based on the Liquidpedia website, this tournament will be held from 27 to 29 April 2021. In this tournament, there will be five rounds that will be competed from the participating squads every day.

As for the map that will be used, until now there has been no further information. However, if you look at the PEL in China some time ago, only 2 maps will be used in the tournament.

Then the 16 teams in the Peace Elite Asia Invitational will compete for a very large total prize. They will compete to be able to get a prize of 3 million yuan or around Rp. 6.7 billion. Then the total prize that the winner got was 1 million yuan or around Rp. 2.2 billion.

Peace Elite Asia Invitational Point System 2021

It is known that the Peace Elite Asia Invitational 2021 tournament will not use a point system in general PUBG Mobile tournaments. But it will use the point system from the Peacekeeper Elite League.

The team that survives until the end and wins the winner-winner chicken dinner will get 12 points plus kill points. Meanwhile, the kill points at the start of the zone at the Peace Elite Asia Invitational this time are counted as 2 points.

Peace Elite Asia Invitational 2021 format

Meanwhile, the format of the Peace Elite Asia Invitational 2021 tournament is more or less the same as the tournament used in PUBG Mobile China. The best squad in Asia will play using FPP mode. In fact, tournaments around the world use TPP Mode.

In general, PUBG Mobile tournaments use the TPP or Third Person Perspective mode. However, this mode does not apply to tournaments in China. For example, in the Peace Elite Asia Invitational, players will play FPP or First Person Perspective mode. Then the mode that will be played in this tournament is hardcore or a mode that turns off aim assist.

List of participating teams in the Peace Elite Asia Invitational 2021

Then a number of teams participated in the 2021 Peace Elite Asia Invitational, including the following:

  • Chinese Team:
  • Team Weibo (Tier 1 Team)
  • Royal Never Give Up (Tier 1 Team)
  • TBD (Tier 2 Team)


  • Asia Invite Team:
  • Valdus The Murder (Thailand)
  • POWER888 KPS (Thailand)
  • Dingoz MPX (Malaysia)
  • Team Secret (Malaysia)
  • Geek Fam (Indonesia)
  • Bigetron RA (Indonesia)
  • HVNB (Vietnam)
  • Eagle Esport (Vietnam)
  • DRS GAMING (South Asia)
  • ZEUS ESPORTS (South Asia)
  • REJECT (Japan)
  • Warriors Esports (South Korea)

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