Tips for Winning a 1vs1 PUBG TDM Battle in 2022


TDM PUBG very challenging and suitable for increasing very intense fighting skills. Usually, amateur players rarely play PUBG's TDM mode.

Both Free Fire and PUBG Mobile have become popular in the market for action games on mobile devices. While the classic Battle Royale mode is the center of attraction, both versions of the game feature different, shorter modes that help players improve their aiming and movement skills at close range.

Team Deathmatch (TDM PUBG) is a mode that is generally played by players who want to improve their weapon play and skills. Here are some tips to win the PUBG 1vs1 TDM battle in 2022.

Best Tips To Win TDM PUBG 1vs1 Match 

Team Deathmatch is a fast and aggressive game mode in PUBG Mobile. It pits two teams of four players on a small map, and the first team to reach 40 kills wins the game.

At the start of the game, your team is randomly assigned to one of the two. You don't have any special payload. Special items can be picked up in uncovered places like weapons, so you'll need to be prepared to take risks and enlist the protection of teammates to retrieve them.

Choose the Best Loadout


Loadout plays an important role while playing PUBG TDM matches. Player has the option to select a primary weapon, a secondary weapon (pistol), and two types of grenades to choose from.

Even though many PUBG Mobile and Free Fire esports players have popularized the use of the M416 and classic pistols, normal players can choose their best and favorite weapon with enough damage to take down their opponents easily.

In PUBG TDM, you can regenerate all HP when you are not fighting for a few seconds. It's easy to find a place to take cover, regenerate and maybe reload, and then get back to fighting to help teammates.

While this trick is useful, you don't want to use it in every situation, especially when an enemy is in front and snowballing. In this situation, it would be more useful for you to be invincible for a few seconds after dying than to camp somewhere in the middle of the map and go there alone.

Use TPP Properly


The Third Person Perspective (TPP) mode is far more popular than the First Person Perspective (FPP) mode among Free Fire and PUBG Mobile players.

Using TPP guarantees the best player performance thanks to better visibility. Players using TPP can easily take down opponents who rush out in the open, giving them an added advantage in PUBG 1vs1 TDM fights.

Use Pre-Fire Effectively


The use of pre-fired has become more popular every day. This can be seen in Classic matches as well as in PUBG 1vs1 TDM matches in particular.

Pre-shooting really helps players reduce their opponent's health before they can take cover. This obviously allows players to push their opponents and take them down with ease.

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Use Different Moves To Interrupt Your Opponent's Shot


The use of different trigger movements when shooting is generally seen in the playing styles of many Free Fire and PUBG Mobile players.

Among the different types of movement, the 'sideways shake' is probably the most famous. Other popular moves that can help players win 1vs1 TDM PUBG fights are the crouch and shoot as well as the classic prone move.

If you are a bar bar type player and play very aggressively, you will definitely want to use a weapon that is more useful at close range, with a high rate of fire, such as the Tommy Gun.

On the other hand, if you like flanking and shooting enemies from afar, a UMP with a scope (2x at most, but of course not x4 due to the size of the map) or AKM would be a better fit in PUBG's TDM.

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Those are some tips for Vicigers friends who want to play TMD PUBG 1vs1 so they can win easily. If you have your own way, please write in the comments column!

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