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The first and newest shooter game from Riot Games, Valorant, has been considered by many as a cross between CS:GO and Overwatch since its closed beta release. Also presents many agents, one of which is Viper Valorant.

With shooter mechanics similar to CS:GO, and an arsenal of hypernatural, combat-ready agents like Overwatch, Valorant seems to have taken and combined the best of both FPS genres.

Each Valorant Agent is unique, and has a definite personality and skill set that sets them apart. However, out of all 11 playable Agents, the one that stands out the most is Viper Valorant.

Who Is a Viper Valorant Agent?

Valorant Vipers
The best agent in Valorant is Viper

Viper Valorant (along with Reyna) is considered one of the most bloodthirsty Agents in the game, and has a very dark personality. However, his personality alone did not make players like him.

Viper Valorant is one of the most difficult Agents to master, but when played right, she has a lot of creative flair at her disposal to carry a solo spin. He has a very high skill cap and is very satisfying to play with once mastered.

On defense, he does a great job slowing and even stopping enemy attacks. And while attacking, he can use his poison cloud to facilitate boosts and obscure the enemy's vision.

Skills And Tips On Using Viper Valorant

Valorant Vipers
Viper is the best agent

Below are some of the abilities of the female agent;

  • Unique Trait – Fuel. The Q and E Vipers use poison gas, which shares a fuel source. At the start of the game, he gets 100 fuel, which drops to 0 when the ability is active. Once the fuel meter runs out, he can reactivate the ability once more. 
  • Snakebite (100 credits) – Viper creates and fires a projectile that explodes into a pool of acid that damages enemies that walk past it. 
  • Poison Cloud (200 credits) – Viper throws what looks like a gas generator, which can then be reactivated to create a cloud of poison smoke. 
  • Poison Sails (free) – Viper depletes its fuel reserves to create a high wall of poison gas that obscures vision and damages anyone who walks through it.
  • Viper's Pit (requires 7 orbs): Ultimate Viper allows him to create a large poison cloud over a large area, which maintains its shape as long as Viper remains within the cloud. Once an enemy enters the cloud, they will appear highlighted on it.

So, below are some gameplay tips using this one agent;

Use Ultimate Skills

Viper's Pit, his ultimate skill, is not used very much in the game. But there are certain circumstances that make his ultimate one of the deadliest abilities in the game.

If the ult is used while planting the spike, the Viper can actually solo-hold a site while the timer is down.

He creates a large cloud, which damages enemies when they enter it, and highlights them only the Viper for better visibility. So always be the one carrying the bomb when attacking every time your ult runs out.

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Keep an eye on the enemy's Ult meter

Although Viper's Pit makes it quite difficult for opponents to kill him, it does not make him invincible.

Agents such as Phoenix, Brimstone, and Breach can very effectively use their ultimate abilities to kill him while he is in a cloud of gas. Brimstone with his AoE nuke and Breach with his Rolling Thunder can easily finish him off.

Phoenix, on the other hand, can use his ultimate outside of his smoke and engage him twice.


Viper is one of the most difficult agents to master in the game today. Her abilities can sometimes be a hindrance for the team, as poison bugs hurt allies as well as enemies.

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Ability timing is one of the most important things to learn in Valorant, and it will take a lot of playing to get it right.

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