Tips for Reaching Mythic Immortal Rank

Mythic Immortal

Do you know how to climb to Mythic Immortal rank in the game Mobile Legends? So in this article we will share some tips.

Mythic Immortal is the highest rank in Mobile Legends currently. And of course all ML players want to reach this highest rank.

However, being able to climb to this rank is not easy and requires a lot of effort. 

Starting from using the best meta hero, getting teammates who provide support, to mastering items.

So, this time we will share some tips for achieving Mythic Immortal rank. Come on, let's look at the discussion!

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Understand all the roles in Mobile Legends

Mythic Immortal
Mobile Legends Heroes. Source: VCGamers

In Mobile Legends there are several types of hero roles available. Your main task to achieve victory in rank is to understand each existing hero role. 

Each role has different roles and tasks, such as the Tank who must put up his body as a defense when a Teamfight occurs, or the Marksman hero who has the role of dealing the biggest damage in the team.

By mastering all the existing roles, you will be flexible in choosing the heroes to use according to the team's needs.

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Pay attention to team composition

Draft Pick Process
Draft pick process. Source: Mobile Legends

When entering the Draft Pick phase, each team member will definitely choose one of the heroes to use. 

This is the most important phase in the Mobile Legends game, so don't let your team lack one of the existing hero roles.

By fulfilling all the available roles, your team will be the perfect squad to fight in the Land of Dawn. 

Using the Right Items 

Counter Mage Items. Source: VCGamers.

If you want to make the hero you use an OP hero, then you need to build the hero with the right items.

Apart from focusing on what items you should use on your hero, you also have to pay attention to what items your opponent is using.

So you can also buy items that are suitable for countering them.

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Play as a team, not solo

Play with a Team
Play with a Team. Source: Mobile Legends

When you play with a team, you will have an advantage compared to solo, namely being able to communicate and divide tasks well with your teammates.

When you play solo, you can get a team that is trolling which makes you lose and lose stars.

So your hopes of rising to the highest rank will take a long time and be hampered.

Prioritizes Push Turret Over Kill

Push Turrets
Push Turret. Source: VCGamers

What Mobile Legends players often forget is how to win in this game.

As we know, to achieve victory, you have to destroy the enemy's Turret Base, not get the most kills.

Therefore, you have to play objectively by prioritizing pushing your opponent's turret rather than chasing lots of kills.

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So, that's our discussion this time regarding push rank tips for reaching Mythical Immortal.

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