The Painful Tips and Tricks for GG Hero Cecilion 2021

Hero Cecilion

Hero Cecilion is the newest mage hero who comes with quite strong abilities in Mobile Legends. Many people like this hero because it has enormous damage capabilities during the early game and late game.

Indeed, when compared to various existing mage heroes, Cecilion is one of the highly recommended heroes. So you can play this hero as a mainstay when raising the rank level. So, by using the strongest Build hero Cecilion, you definitely won't have any trouble playing in rank.

When you use the Cecilion hero, it will definitely make your opponent annoyed because they will be increasingly busy from the start of the game to the end of the game. Even this hero will be even more ferocious when it enters the late game.

The advantages of using Hero Cecilion Mage

Without further ado, the following will explain some of the advantages of using Hero Cecilion. Especially if you use the strongest Build hero Cecilion, it will definitely hurt the opposing team even more. Curious? Here's an explanation:

  1. AOE burst damage

Hero Cecilion is a hero who has skills in the form of area damage or AOE. Moreover, this one hero skill can be used many times as long as it lasts. Of course this will make this hero have more mass damage.

  1. Long range attack

This hero's attack does have ideal fingers because it can carry out long-range attacks. So even though carrying out attacks, this hero remains safe from the enemy's reach. So you can take advantage of this advantage to get a lot of skills and help win the battle.

  1. Late game specialist

Hero Cecilion is a hero to be feared from the start of the game to the end of the game. Especially if it's late game, the resulting damage skills are getting worse. Just get ready for the opposing hero to be in a hurry to block his attacks. The key as a mage must be able to choose the right position so as not to be caught by the opponent.

  1. Heroes are easy to use

Many players like to use the Cecilion hero because it offers simple gameplay making it easier to use. Make sure you are correct in positioning skill 1 towards your opponent so that the resulting damage is greater.

Indirectly you will learn to analyze enemy movements so that skill 1 attacks can be on target. Besides that, make sure you use skills efficiently because this one hero is wasteful of mana.

The latest GG Hero Cecilion tips for 2021

After knowing some of the advantages of Cecilion's hero, on this occasion I will explain some tips on playing Cecilion to make him even more GG. Curious? Please refer to the following explanation:

  1. Understanding Cecilion's skills

So that you can play the Cecilion hero more painfully, you have to understand the skills he has. Following are the skills that Cecilion has:

  1. Passive skill: which will increase by 8 when the skill hits the enemy target. So the bigger the mana, the bigger the damage done.
  2. Skill 1 : Cecilion has the skill of stabbing the hero from the front with magic power from 100 to 200 and increases movement speed 30% in 1 second.
  3. Skill 2: pins the opponent with the bat and gives an immobilize effect and 200 damage.
  4. Skill 3: shoots at nearby opponents with movement speed 60% and a temporary slow effect.
  5. Skill 4: This skill 4 can only be done when Cecilion joins Carmilla.


  1. Using the sick build

In order to produce pain damage, Cecilion's hero must use the right build. So, Cecilion's strongest build hero can currently use:

  1. Demon shoes
  2. Clock of Destiny
  3. Lightning trunks
  4. Divine Glaive
  5. Necklace of Durance
  6. Winter Truncheons

When you use this build, it is guaranteed that Cecilion's hero will be super deadly.

  1. Choose the right lane

If you use the hero Cecilion then you have to choose the right lane. Do not let you carelessly choose a lane because it can harm yourself and the team. Many turrets were scattered and the team was getting more and more depressed and could have suffered an embarrassing defeat.

One of the best lanes is the mid lane. Where this mage hero is perfect for protecting the middle turret. Besides that, the middle lane has a lot of space for farming so that Cecilion is very strong to help the war team.

  1. How to Play Cecilion in the early and late game

Indeed, this hero is very good and has great damage during the early and late games. But if you are careless the results will still be noop. When playing in the early game, please focus on farming. Don't join roaming, it will make you not get rich quick.

Please come to help the team that is in war because the damage produced is greater and very effective in winning the war. When using the Cecilion hero, make sure you're smart at keeping your distance because you can't attack the nearest hero.

Thus an explanation of some tips on playing the Cecilion hero. Make sure to use the strongest build hero Cecilion so you can help the team defeat the opposing team. Hopefully with this explanation you will be better at playing the Cecilion hero.

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