Against Regigigas Pokemon Unite Using 3 Pokemon, Who's Afraid?

regigas pokemon unite cover

Regigas Pokemon Unite is one of Boss Pokemon that you can face in the arena. Unlike Zapdos and Drednaw, Regigigas is exclusive to map Auroma Park just.

To compete in map Auroma Park, you must access the menu Quick Battles when level trainers already reached level 8. In mode In this case, you will compete with special rules that are different from regular matches.

Specifically for Auroma Park, you will only be allowed to choose three pokemon only. That is, you will run the match 3-on-3 with Regigigas as Boss Pokemon in folder this.

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What are the details of Regigigas like? Here's a special tactic 3-on-3 which you can use to defeat Boss Pokemon like this giant robot.

Regigigas Pokemon Unite Details You Should Know

Get to know Regigigas, the Guardian Giant Pokemon Midlane

regigas pokemon unite display

Regigigas is a legendary pokemon shaped like a giant stone robot (known as golems). This Pokemon is also listed as a creator Titans Legendaries like Regiice, Registeel, Regirock, Regieleki and Regidraco.

But in this Pokemon Unite, Regigigas is just an Boss Pokemon assigned to be a sort of lord in folder Auroma Park and you can only fight with three pokemon of your team (and the opposing team).

Regigigas Pokemon Unite doesn't have a specific attack like Zapdos. Even so, you must remain vigilant attacks by Regigas.

regigas pokemon unite attack 1

Melee attacks Regigigas has a fairly wide range supported by its large size. He will end his attacks by slamming his hands on the ground to send your pokemon flying.

Besides melee attack With that said, Regigigas also has an attack laser which will be fired in a straight line. Usually, Regigigas will issue skills this when you ganking.

Due to its size, Regigigas is not as agile as Zapdos. However, if you are desperate to keep attacking him, physical damage Regigigas is enough to make your pokemon KO quickly.

Time Spawns Regigas Pokemon Unite

Like Boss Pokemon other, developers games this has determined the time Regigigas appeared on Auroma Park.

Because Quick Battles have half of the time regular matches (only 5 minutes), Regigigas will appear in the 3rd minute.

If you and your teammates manage to beat Regigigas in the 3rd minute, Boss Pokemon it will reappear in the 2nd minute.

Of course, this is different from Zapdos which will only appear once in each matches.

With features spawns and respawn this, of course you have to defeat Regigigas in a row to get rewards twice as much.

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Advantages of Beating Regigigas

By defeating Regigigas Pokemon Unite, you will be rewarded with two perks. The first is similar to rewards beat Zapdos, the second is rewards exclusive.

regigas pokemon unite reward 1

As you already know, won matches in games This Pokemon Unite is done by scoring goals into the opponent's basket. Because there are special rules in Auroma Park, you can score a goal in one of the two available baskets.

There is an additional double bonus if you score goals in the same basket. Defeating Regigigas will further double your points.

When you defeat Regigigas the first time and you use your pokemon to be the last attacker (before Regigigas KO), then you will get 50 points to score into one of the baskets.

If you fail to be the last attacker, you can still bring some of these points to the basket marked with the number "2x" to double your team's points.

regigas pokemon unite reward 2

The next advantage of defeating Regigigas is bonuses movement speed when you score a goal into the opponent's basket and are immune to interference from the opponent's attack when you want to score a goal.

If in regular matches when you want to score a goal, the opponent's pokemon can definitely stop you from scoring.

But in Auroma Park with buff Regigigas, you can ignore the opponent's pokemon that is blocking you.

Make sure you score a goal against a goal marked "2x" because the basket has been marked by your team and so you can double the points.

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5 Ways to Beat Regigigas in Pokemon Unite

Actually, Regigigas Pokemon Unite is feared by trainers because they have to beat him with three pokemon only and within one minute.

But, you can try the 5 tips below so Regigigas can do it right away KO by your team's consecutive attacks.

Solo Killing With jungler

regigas pokemon unite alolan ninetales 1

Regigigas can be defeated quickly if you carry items and build for jungling. As one of the Boss Pokemon which is also Wild Pokemon in certain arenas, Regigigas will be increasingly depleted MOBILE PHONEit when you bring items like Muscle Band and Fluffytail.

Furthermore, you can bring ranged attack specialist pokemon, combo creator and agile pokemon to face Regigigas.

For example, you make Charizard as jungler special late game to take on Regigigas, or you use Zeraora's speed to farming and confronted Regigigas.

However, if your goal is to beat Regigigas quickly, then the team composition should consist of Lucario, Absol or Zeraora, and Eldegoss or Mr. Mime.

Lucario can solo Regigigas, while help for shields and support Eldegoss will help Zeraora to block the other team's pokemon.

The team composition above will make it easier for you to rotate to beat Regigigas and score goals in the basket.

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ganking Regigigas With Your Team

regigas pokemon unite ganking team

Although Regigigas Pokemon Unite is slow, but MOBILE PHONE and physical damageit's quite big and can get you hit stun for a few seconds.

All-out attack like ganking this will be very powerful drain MOBILE PHONE Thick regigas. You can pair two pokemon to attack him up close while another pokemon from afar, or you can attack Regigigas directly with assists from your teammates.

You must be able to pay attention timings dodge or attack Regigigas with this strategy. Forget paying attention timings will keep you and your team KO simultaneously.

Apply the “Fast Play” Strategy

The word “play fast” here means defeating Regigigas in less than a minute.

The reason, Regigigas can respawn in the 2nd minute before the game ended. The challenge is, you have to beat Regigigas in the 3rd minute.

You have 2 minutes for build levels, items and skills to beat Regigigas quickly. For that, you have to rotate since early game so that each teammate's pokemon has enough buff for ganking.

regigas pokemon unite quick play 1

Apart from that, you also have to beat the opposing team's pokemon quickly so you can fight Regigigas in peace.

Try out the Snorlax, Absol and Lucario or Tsareena team compositions to get Regigigas hit damage the sick of the three pokemon.

You can use Snorlax for tankers, while Absol and Lucario to attack opponents. Snorlax can be a thick wall for cover Absol and Lucario.

With ultimate Absol and Lucario whose assumptions have beenupgrades, you will definitely be able to defeat Regigigas within one minute.

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Take advantage of Attack AoE

regigas pokemon unite alolan ninetales 2

Regigigas Pokemon Unite will be very vulnerable to AoE attack that can be generated from certain pokemon.

By using this trick, you will compete with Regigigas because besides being able to beat it, your pokemon will also kill the other team's pokemon with an attack. AoE this.

Pokemon with attacks AoE for example Brave Bird from Talonflame, then thunderstormits Pikachu, and Blizzardits Alolan Ninetales. Guaranteed, the opposing Pokemon and Regigigas will be affected by the attack AoE this.

It would be even better if you could make one MOBILE PHONE pokemon opponent until thin, then you cover with AoE attacks one of these pokemon to get more points.

Slaughter With Long Strikes

regigigas pokemon unite ranged pikachu attack

The location of Regigigas spawns quite difficult to conquer, because it is surrounded by "walking floors" that can hinder your movement.

To outsmart this feature, of course long range attacks are your option so you can still beat Regigigas.

For example, you use Venusaur or Cinderace to defeat Regigigas from outside the "walking floor" area.

Make sure the attacks of the two pokemon can hit Regigigas and the opponent at the same time so you can beat them faster and get double points to score in your basket.

Using these tips will also save time ganking Regigigas because your opponent will definitely block you. At least with ranged attack, you can be at a safe distance from the attack range of the opponent's pokemon and Regigigas.

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That's the discussion about Regigigas Pokemon Unite and how to beat it in the arena Auroma Park. So, don't be afraid anymore against Regigigas with three pokemons, Vicigers!

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