Wreckfest, the Most Brutal Car Race Competition

Wreckfest including car racing games with orientation on circuits that are allowed to crash into each other until they are destroyed. Players can feel jolts, friction, and dramatic collisions throughout the game that will completely crush the racing car. Such gameplay is typical of Bugbear, the Wreckfest developer who also launched Flatout before.

After not launching the latest Fallout series for a long time, the developer and THQ Nordic have created a new racing game Wreckfest with a realistic visual treat. Even though in the early access version, Wreckfest hasn't attracted the interest of players, however, once this game is included in the What's Popular list on Steam, it doesn't take long for it to have millions of players.

Wreckfest is a fun car racing game full of challenges. However, unlike most racing games with lots of achievements, Wreckfest chooses to concentrate on the player's experience when playing a racing game that is rule-free and brutal at the same time. Players can crush the opponent's vehicle, create chaos in the circuit, damage a series of objects on the road and much more. The more often the player deals damage to enemy vehicles, the higher the EXP they will get. In fact, if the player can reach the first position, the better the value achieved will automatically be.

Realistic Crash Sensation

In Wreckfest, players are not only satisfied with the sensation of fighting that is challenging and without rules, they will also enjoy visuals as if they were real plus beautiful depictions. Players will really experience friction, bumps and collisions accompanied by sparks and the depiction of the destruction of vehicles is also very detailed. Not only that, the racing car used can also be crushed until it is no longer tangible.

The sensation of driving a vehicle in Wreckfest is so exciting because of the precise control that the developer has prepared. Players must practice controlling the vehicle again if the assist setting is changed as in a racing simulation game. There are tunings that can be adjusted according to available race tracks, or replace the suspension with a more appropriate, brake levels and the like adjusted to typical vehicle.

Custom Modification

Of course, it's not just tuning, in this Wreckfest game, players can also modify their vehicles to make them more fierce and fast and also looks more flashy. Utilizing the money and drop of spare parts obtained during the game, players can complete car modifications. Offered 3 kinds of modifications to choose from consist of visual, engine, and armor modifications. The purpose of engine modification is clear so that the vehicle can run fast, modifying the armor so that it can survive more when attacked by a stronger opponent's car. While the visual modifications are intended to make the vehicle more manly and not same with others.

Multiple Challenges in Multiple Modes

Presenting a truly challenging and unique gameplay, Wreckfest also provides various challenges, such as Career Mode for the challenge of completing several tense matches. Players are challenged to complete a number of modes that have various challenges, for example staying in first position for several laps, doing some damage throughout the match and also destroying multiple enemy vehicles. Also provided is a Challenge Mode for unique games including running buses, crop harvesters, three-wheeled vehicles and many more.

There is also a multiplayer mode that can be played. Playing Wreckfest alone against a computer system is certainly a different sensation than playing with other players. In the multiplayer mode, players can take part in brutal races until they are crushed with a number of other players on one server. This includes enjoying various customizable costume modes.

Welcome mode

Wreckfest games do facilitate Mods. Players can enter an array of new cars, parts, skins, and even new maps. It will definitely be more interesting to follow. Players can dive into several new maps as well as bring a new series of cars created by the community of fans of this game. If you want to try the Mod, players can look for various modifications from the Steam Workshop Wreckfest page.

The Wreckfest game appears to carry the old system but has been completely upgraded so that it follows current trends. Wreckfest features beautiful graphics, lots of charming effects and background music to make the game more tense and fun. On a scale of 1 to 10, Wreckfest might score an 8.

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