Enjoy WoW Graphics from Lineage 2 Revolution Android Game

Lineage 2, a game with an MMORPG concept for PC is now launched for the Android and iOS platforms. Utilizes Unreal Engine 4, a format commonly used in AAA level computer games. You can guess how enthusiastic the gamers are who want to try it immediately. Check out the following brief review of the game Lineage 2 Revolution.

Graphics Are Definitely Cool

In terms of visual treats, Lineage 2 Revolution can be said to be really beautiful, detailed and smooth at the same time. Almost all aspects are carefully worked out from character details, lighting, animation, including map elements. Players can be completely satisfied with the realistic and amazing world of Lineage 2 Revolution.

Complicated Storyline

Lineage 2 Revolution tells about the collapse of the Elmoreden kingdom so that the world was in the era of darkness. Not a few areas of Elmoreden's power broke away. This fact resulted in conflicts occurring with many victims. During this chaotic period, the Dark Society was formed under the leadership of Beleth, the most powerful black magician. The herd conspired which resulted in the world getting out of control. Even the Dark Society persuaded Emperor Baium to build the Tower of Insolence.

Hardin, who is also another wizard, tries to block the Dark Society's ruses. However, Hardin was unable to face the increasingly formidable abilities of the Dark Society. Thus the Silverlight Mercenary organization appeared. The main character in Lineage 2 Revolution is part of the Silverlight Mercenary who will appear as a hero who saves the world.

Rich Fun Features

Lineage 2 Revolution brings a variety of fun features to use. These various features are sure to make players even more engrossed in their adventures in World of Aden. An important feature of this game is the beautiful graphics thanks to Unreal Engine 4. The details shown are so real, the lighting is cool, plus the creation of fantastic animations. Another interesting feature of Lineage 2 Revolution is the huge Open Field.

This game presents a very wide scope of land to be explored. Along the way there will be several monsters that will block you. Various interesting locations can be found in the World of Aden. Lineage 2 Revolution features a party feature that can be used to create parties with other players. For example, if you want to chat with each other, or complete missions or dungeon mode.

Items and Equipment

Lineage 2 Revoluton presents a variety of content including Elite Dungeon for hunting rare items, Tower of Insolence, Extraction Dungeon for collecting crafting potion elements, Fortress Siege, and PvP. Players can also collect various equipment at several levels. Upgrade or combine in order to get higher equipment, and so on. The Rune feature is attached with the function of increasing the character's status.

Play Quests

Lineage 2 Revolution offers challenging gameplay that is Main Quest oriented. Players who take the Main Quest will get new features that can be utilized. Besides that, there is also a Class system where later if the player has reached a certain level then he can be changed to a higher Class with new, stronger skills.

The game controls on Lineage 2 Revolution are quite flexible, it's just that the size of the buttons feels a bit small which results in players sometimes having an error when they are touched. The position of the buttons is good with a fairly comfortable user interface. Players can easily search for everything they need. Everything is neatly arranged, for example quest navigation buttons, maps, quick items, menus, and so on.

Lineage 2 Revolution is quite attractive at the beginning where players will find a detailed and smooth depiction of characters. The choice of character style is quite complete. Players can use various races that are prepared easily. Each race has its own job which is divided into 3 choices according to playing style including Rouge, Mystic, and Warrior.

Starting to access the game, it seems quite fun where there are instructions that are easy to understand. That way players can immediately understand the rules of the game. For some players, Lineage 2 Revolution might be a bit boring with repeated similar missions. But that can be treated with a variety of other features that can be enjoyed. Overall, Lineage 2 Revolution is a well-developed game with lots of interesting features in it. The display that is presented is quite dazzling, really spoiling the players. Beautiful graphics in games usually require at least 3GB of RAM capacity with 2GB of free internal memory.

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