All about the Latest MLBB WR System

Get to know all about the MLBB Win Rate

Maybe it's here Vicigers who likes to maintain win rate or WR MLBB. So, you don't want to play carelessly so that the WR doesn't go down.

For those who like maintaining or increasing the WR percentage, there are a few updates that you should understand.

This time we will review it so that we can maintain the WR we have achieved or increase it. Come on, check out the complete review!

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Ranked Mode Win Rate Display Since S31
Ranked Mode Win Rate Display Since S31. Source: Official Site

Before we get into the main discussion, it's a good idea to first discuss what WR actually is. Win rate or victory rating, is basically a system that is often found in competitive online games.

Yep, most games that have a ranked feature use WR as part of the game statistics. This is an algorithm embedded in the game: it functions to calculate the number of wins from the total games that have been played.

The win rate itself generally comes in the form of a percentage. There are various calculations, starting from the total of all matches played, total wins for the season, to even certain time periods (years, months and weeks).

So don't be surprised if Mobile Legends as an online MOBA game also includes this feature in it.

And for those who really understand the 'meso' (not just macro and micro) of this game, WR is an important aspect that can guarantee victory!

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WR MLBB Part of the 'Meso' Game

How to Read WR.
How to Read WR.. Source: Official Site

So, now let's get into the main discussion, namely the practical use of WR ML. WR himself falls into the 'meso' realm of this game.

As we know, the scope of knowledge about a game falls into three domains: macro, meso, and micro. These three are important to understand so that later push rank efforts can be more optimal

Well, 'meso' itself refers to things outside the match that are still related to the game but indirectly.

Some examples that fall into this realm are, of course, how to read WR, understanding when certain roles can be given to the public, knowing when the jockeys' 'active hours' are, and so on.

This is different from 'macro', which are things outside the match but still directly related.

Some of them include how to read the line up and hero power, an overview of draft picks, understanding effective meta, etc.

So how do you read WR? The tip, which is important for you to look at in the current meta, is the number of wins a player has when holding a certain role.

Those who have a winning percentage in a role above 59% usually have a greater chance when holding that role. It's a good idea to give roles according to the player's abilities.

Don't force them into a role they can't hold. For example, a player has a role percentage roamers as much as 61%, so don't force him to play the role jungler.

By giving a role that suits the player's gameplay, the chances of winning the match will definitely be greater!

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Latest MLBB WR System Changes

Old WR Appearance in Classic Mode
Old WR Appearance in Classic Mode. Source: Official Site

Entering Season 30 yesterday, Moonton as the developer implemented a new WR system in the Land of Dawn. This applies especially to ranked mode.

This latest system places greater emphasis on the number of matches and win rate of the role held during one season.

This replaces the old system which placed more emphasis on the total number of games held by a player.

However, this does not mean that the system is completely eliminated. The reason is, the old system still applies in classic mode.

Apart from that, if previously the winning percentages from classic and ranked modes were combined, then Moonton had eliminated them. Now, WR's winning percentage is only taken into account for ranked mode.

So, how about it, Vicigers? You can't push WR through classics anymore like before...

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