GTA 6 Trailer Finally Released, Lots of Surprises!


GTA 6 trailer finally released. That's right, this latest series of games from Rockstar Game will feature a new character named Lucy as has been rumored for some time.

Rockstar Games officially released the GTA 6 trailer today, Tuesday, December 5 2023. around 06.00 WIB on their official YouTube account.

There are various very interesting things present in the trailer. Come on, let's look at the complete review!

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Rockstar Games Releases GTA 6 Trailer

GTA 6 trailer
Source: YouTube/Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games has officially released the GTA VI trailer today. The video has been broadcast tens of millions of times as of this afternoon.

The GTA VI trailer video released by Rockstar Games has a duration of 1 minute and 30 seconds.

There are several things shown in the release. Most of them are the same as the leaks that have been circulating so far. Anything? Here are the details!

Lucia's presence

Lucia in GTA 6 Trailer
Source: YouTube/Rockstar Games

The character Lucia, who has always been the topic of discussion in leaks circulating, is actually present in GTA 6.

Not half-hearted, Rockstar Games introduced it in the first seconds of the video trailer they released.

In the video, Lucia is seen wearing orange clothes typical of prisoners.

He was seen chatting with a woman about his whereabouts at that time.

Social Media Features

GTA 6 Social Media
Source: YouTube/Rockstar Games

In the trailer, social media displays such as TikTok, YouTube Short and Instagram Reels are also visible.

There are several vertical and horizontal video clips like posts on social media.

The videos are equipped with an account name as well as a caption and a button to follow.

GTA VI Social Media Live
Live social media feature. Source: YouTube/Rockstar Games

It appears that various events are recorded in the video shown in this first trailer.

Starting from the moment of partying on the yacht, the officers removing the crocodile from the swimming pool, to a number of women who were live and getting various likes.

VICE Landmarks

GTA 6 Release Location
Source: YouTube/Rockstar Games

The video also shows a landmark that says VICE. The article refers to the setting of GTA VI in Vice City.

This is made even more attractive by the expansive appearance of the city.

Where, the video trailer shows various settings. Starting from a prison, beaches, rice fields, sparkling cities, nightlife venues to residential areas.

The Burglar Couple Like Bonnie & Clyde

Lucia GTA 6
Robbery in GTA VI. Source: Rockstar Games

In the trailer, Lucia is not alone. He appears to have committed his crimes with a man.

The new character who was a prisoner in a prison in the video appears to have a close relationship with the man.

They were involved in a robbery at a place carrying a gun and covering their faces with masks.

Apart from that, in the same video it is also shown that they are running away.

To be precise, when the man was driving a car on a road and from the opposite direction a police car passed him.

At the same time, they both immediately looked at the police car.

The man appears to be looking through the rearview mirror. Meanwhile, Lucia saw her turning around while holding a wad of money.

GTA 6 Release Schedule

GTA VI Release Schedule
Source: YouTube/Rockstar Games

This first trailer from Rockstar Games also provides official information about the GTA 6 release schedule.

They said that this game will be released in 2025.

There is no detailed information regarding the month and date of release of GTA 6. Apart from that, there is also no information about what devices this game can be played on and what specifications are required.

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The presence of this trailer is certainly exciting news for all fans of the GTA series.

However, we have to wait for further information from Rockstar Games regarding the release and any new developments that will be present in this game.

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