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This time we will review the best dating applications for 2022. You can find and use search applications partner easily the best of the year.

There are several dating applications that have been present in the public. This application allows you to get acquainted with the opposite sex.

Technological developments make it easier for us to carry out various activities. Starting from communicating to getting acquainted with new people without being limited by space and time.

You can perform these activities using various devices. Starting from using a PC, tablet or cellphone.

In fact, nowadays technology also allows us to get acquainted to find a mate. Some of them may have managed to form a more serious relationship after meeting them on a dating app.

For that, for those of you who want to find a mate through an application, this time we will provide a number of dating application recommendations that you can try to get new acquaintances.

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The Best Matchmaking Application for 2022

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There are several applications that you can use to find a mate or new friends. Especially for those of you who are looking for a partner or new friends through the application.

Here are a number of dating apps that you can use:



Litmatch is a dating app that allows you to make new friends or maybe meet a soul mate with just one click.

You can make friends with anyone using this application. You can have private and group chats in the app.

This application can be obtained for free. However, there are also subscription packages with a number of more special features.

Until now, Litmatch has been downloaded more than 50 million times on PlayStore. To download it you need Android version 5.0 and higher.

There are a number of features in Litmatch that you can use in Litmatch, namely:

Feature Function
Meet New Friends
Friends with other people when you already like each other
Game Voices
Make voice calls with other players.
Party Chat & Prizes
You can easily share your thoughts in groups and get attractive prizes.
Players can also explore the lives of other players through chat, visuals and sound
Choose the best avatar to be able to attract attention. It can be used to show your personality or taste.
Download URLs Click here


Badoo dating application

The next app is Badoo. You can use this application to find new friends and partners.

This app has been downloaded to more than 5 million+ on Google Play Store. You can use it to add connections.

There are a number of features in this application:

Feature Function
Profile Visitors
This app shows who visited your profile
You can choose to reply or not if you get messages from other users and vice versa
Badoo allows you to search for users around you
Download URLs Click here


OMI matchmaking application


Those of you who are looking for a date, boyfriend or soul mate can also use Omi. This application offered by MatchUp UK Limited can be an option for you.

To determine interest with other users is also very easy. The trick, you only need to swipe the cellphone screen to the left or right.

This application has big data which includes several things. Among them are even areas of interest.

After getting friends or other people who like each other you can start a chat with them. So, you can get to know each other better.

This application will also take action against fake accounts. Complaints about it can be submitted 24/7 to the Omi team.

To download the matchmaking application, which has been downloaded 10 million+ on the Playstore, you need Android version 5.0 and higher.

You can get a number of these features:

Feature Function
Seeing Who Likes You
This will make it easier for you to find people who are in the top list because you have swiped your profile to the right.
Unlimited Likes
You can like other users without limits
5 Free Crushes
You will get 5 Free Crushes per day
1 Free Turbo
1 Free TURBO every month to increase people's attention to your profile by 10x.
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The next dating app is BOYFRIEND. You can get acquainted, talk and meet new friends.

You can register to this application without a mobile number. Within the application, you can send short messages with other people.

The application, which was just updated on June 5, 2022, has been downloaded up to 1,000,000. To download it, you need Android version 4.0.3 and higher.

Feature Function
You can send and receive photos
Block User
If there are users who disturb you, you can block them
There are hundreds of cute emoji in the game
This feature respects privacy
Get to know other people before getting acquainted
No Show Active Status
Users can choose whether or not to know other users.
Find Remote People
You can select active users.
Download URLs Click here

OkCupid Dating Application

OkCupid Dating Application

OkCupid is an application that allows you to easily find a match with just your smartphone. The application, which was released on June 18 2020, has been downloaded up to 10 million+ on the Google Play Store.

OkCupid is a free dating app that helps singles find friends, connect with other people and chat.

You can choose to continue or not continue your relationship when you are already connected with other users.

Following are some of the features in the application:

Feature Function
Select or Decline
You are free to choose or reject people who are already interested in you in the application
Meet Nearby People
You can find people nearby
See People Who Like You
Each user can see who likes
Unlimited Likes
Users can also use the like feature without limits
Download URLs Click here


Tinder dating application

The next application is Tinder. This application has been downloaded up to 100 million times on the Play Store. In fact, users of this application are spread across 190 countries.

You can make new friends using this app by simply swiping right to add or left to skip.

There are a number of additional features if you use the service Tinder Gold which is in the application.

Feature Function
Chat After Match
You can chat with other people only if you are matched
No Shift Limit
You can swipe to like or dislike other users
Chat with Other Users
Chat with other users after the match
Tinder Gold
Get 5 Super Likes per day
Change the desired location worldwide
Go back to any profile you accidentally swiped left
Has one free Boost per month
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The Bumble Dating App

Bumble is an application for finding new friends and partners online that has been downloaded up to 10 million times on PlayStore. This app is downloaded to find new friends, date as well as meet new people.

This application allows you to find friends to chat very easily. In Bumble, the conversation starts from the women's side. After that, men can give their response for 24 hours.

The application offered by Bumble Holding Limited was released on September 11 2019. To download it, you need Android version 5.929.0.

Feature function
Video Calls
Users can get to know new friends closer with video calls.
Unlimited Swipe
Users can search for unlimited friends or partners by swiping
Link Spotify Account
Users can show favorite songs by linking spotify
Send Videos
Send videos to other users easily within the app
Download url Click here


Lamour Dating Apps

Lamour is an online application that allows you to make new friends more easily.

The application, which was released on July 12 2019 and offered by the L Team, has been downloaded more than 50 million times on the Playstore. It's easier for you to connect with new people through this application and you still have to pay attention to compatibility.

Plus, you can chat with anyone without having to swipe or swipe.

Feature Function
Talking Around the World
You can chat with everyone without being limited by space and time
Interest Based Matching
Matching will be done based on interest
Unlimited Chat
You can have a chat without swiping first
Automatic Translation
Communicating with other users from around the world will be easier
Download url Click here

MeetMe: Chat & Meet People


The next best dating application is MeetMe. This application helps you meet other people easily.

You can find and meet other people more easily on this application that has been downloaded by up to 50 million+ from

Feature Function
Find nearby people
Users can find acquaintances or new people by referring to the distance
Users can send messages to other users easily
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