Takashi Ninja Warrior: Shadow of Last Samurai, The Fight Is Very Epic

The land of Tochi is being engulfed in darkness and Lord Youko is now turning into a monster. Arashi, a legendary ninja has a successor who will start his adventure in revenge by eliminating the enemies that are rampant in Tochi. The successor, Takashi, also has a mission to unravel the mystery that has not been solved so far. Games Takashi Ninja Warrior: Shadow of Last Samurai started the fun.

From the mainland of Tochi, the hero Takashi will fight with a variety of deadly weapons ranging from swords, shuriken and other secret weapons. Can Arashi conquer the dark clouds and become a new legend in the land of Tochi? Takashi Ninja Warrior: Shadow of Last Samurai is very interesting to play, especially for those who really like ninja-themed games that are very exciting and tense.

Action Adventures

Games Takashi Ninja Warrior: Shadow of Last Samurai carries the theme of action adventure made by Horizon Games. In this game, players will play the character Takashi to go on an adventure in uncovering the darkness that is engulfing Tochi. Apart from presenting the action concept, this game also brings RPG aspects, so players can manage Takashi's stats so they can create their own playing style according to their wishes.

Analog Virtual Control

Takashi's character is controlled using a virtual analogue, while on the right side, there are a number of action buttons such as those for attacking, jumping, dodge, and buttons for several items. These buttons are quite standard, but players don't need long to get used to their operation. For example, if the opponent doesn't notice Takashi's appearance, the hero also has a chance to complete a stealth kill. Takashi will automatically sneak up behind the opponent, then the player can simply tap the attack button while carrying out a stealth kill action.

Stamina System

Takashi has a stamina bar that automatically decreases if the hero attacks the enemy. It means deep Takashi Ninja Warrior: Shadow of Last Samurai In this case, the hero cannot attack the opponent non-stop, because if the stamina bar indicator is empty, Takashi will automatically no longer be able to attack and must wait for the bar indicator to fill up again. That's when the most dangerous time, because the opponent can counterattack. Therefore players must always be careful for the stamina bar and don't let it empty in the middle of the battle.

Battle Strategy

As much as possible, players should stay away from trouble, because of course there are many opponents, which can overwhelm Takashi. Therefore, players are recommended to be able to find gaps so they can sneak behind opponents so they can finish them secretly. Of course, players always train their fighting skills, because boss battles will certainly appear and must be defeated in order to win the game.

3D visuals

Developed using the Unity engine, games Takashi Ninja Warrior: Shadow of Last Samurai  it presents a beautiful 3D graphical display. In this game Takashi can move freely in a 3D environment. Cutscenes are also displayed using fairly appropriate animations, even without the presence of voice acting to support it. Players can also customize Takashi using various models of dashing costumes, of course if these items can be opened. In general, the fights in Takashi Ninja Warrior: Shadow of Last Samurai already look classy and quite epic.


Takashi Ninja Warrior: Shadow of Last Samurai  is a free Android game, so it's not surprising that it is also filled with the appearance of a number of advertisements. However, because this game can be run without an internet connection, that means the presence of advertisements can be removed. A Cash Shop is offered where players can redeem various models of swords, shuriken, costumes, Anara to gold.

Game Takashi Ninja Warrior: Shadow of Last Samurai quite satisfying with cool action, also supported by a challenging story to play. If indeed players become idols of ninja or samurai themed games then Takashi Ninja Warrior: Shadow of Last Samurai is definitely very interesting to try out.

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