Super Cool, The Latest Android Game 2021 Must Be Played

Everyone knows that Android used to be a platform that was not taken into account. But now this application made by Google has turned into the most widely used mobile platform in the world, including for games. Every month alone there are hundreds of new games on the Android Play Store app market. Of the many games, there are 7 the latest Android games 2021  which is fun to play.

Starting 2021, quite a number of the latest Android games have been launched. These games cover various genres such as JRPG, Sandbox, simulation and several other popular genres. So, so you don't choose the wrong one, try to see any title the latest Android games 2021  which must be downloaded and immediately played the following:


Is a sandbox type game where the mechanism used mimics a similar well-known game, namely Minecraft. But instead of constructing buildings or houses, in Astracraft players are required to create robot characters. Various forms of robot body parts are provided where players can combine them to create a complete robot. The finished robot can then be invited to compete with robots created by other players. Also added several other interesting items such as making holograms, EMP, smoke bombs, EMP and others. Astracraft is an option the latest Android games 2021 which must be played immediately.

Asdivine Saga

This is the newest JRPG game title released by Kemco. This is the 8th series of the Asdivine game which was first released in 2014. The newest Android game for 2021 has graphics and a gameplay system like games from the 90s. Here players are invited to explore cities and dungeons, while carrying out missions while also eradicating dangerous monsters. The character Vyse wants to uncover an evil plan and then stop it.

Dream Score: Soccer Champion

Including a football simulation game that requires players to develop a team from scratch. Players also have to carry out perfect tactics in order to achieve victory in every competition. Even though Dream Score: Soccer Champion isn't as good as PES Mobile or FIFA Mobile or, it's still fun enough to try. 6,000 players are provided, most of whom are famous footballers in the real world. The strategy aspect raised is quite entertaining as well as there is a PvE mode for players who are not in the mood to compete with other players.

Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast

Even though the title has the word chef, don't be mistaken, Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast doesn't have a cooking show at all. The newest Android game for 2021 carries an arcade concept which is based on a match-three similar to Candy Crush Saga. So the player just needs to move the object around until the right shape is created and then the points are earned. Various power-ups and other skills are also provided to make the game more exciting.

Onmyoji: The Card Game

Is a card game in the famous Onmyoji series. Players are required to prepare a combination of cards to fight. Victory is achieved if the player is able to kill the other player's life first. Prepared various types of cards and various decks to create. Apart from the PvP mode which needs balance, there is also a PvE mode with an exciting storyline. The newest Android games of 2021 This can be played for free, it's just that an in-app game menu is also provided for certain items.

Stella Arcana

Including the latest selection of games with the MMORPG genre. This game offers the majority of the features that are mostly found in MMORPG games. For example, the open world map, quests that must be completed, as well as various co-op events and PvP modes to compete with other players. The graphics presented by Stella Arcana are standard, but still quite satisfying. Plus, such a storyline is okay where players can do activities such as taking care of pets and then owning a house. It's just that this game is sometimes unstable in terms of network connection so that lag occurs.

Princess Connect! Re:Dive

The newest Android games of 2021   This is a game with an RPG concept that also has a strong gacha system. In this one game, players can summon characters, upgrade stages and then activate them during the game. Each character has special skills that make it fun. The fighting mechanics are still not perfect but it's still fun to play. This game tends to concentrate on collecting character activities rather than getting involved in the storyline.

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