New Valorant Skin, Kohaku & Matsuba Bundle!

Valorant as an FPS game owned by Riot Games, there are various skins available in the Shop menu. This time, there is Valorant's newest skin entitled Kohaku & Matsuba.

VCGamers will talk about this new bundle and provide an overview of this new Valorant bundle.

New Skin Bundle Kohaku & Matsuba

New Valorant Bundle Skins
New Valorant Bundle. Source: Twitter/@ValorLeaks

There are five new skins for five different weapons in this bundle. The five weapons are Operator, Phantom, Classic, Judge, and Melee.

The weapon will receive a new skin in a bundle called Kohaku & Matsuba. Even though it hasn't been released yet, there have been a lot leaker which gives showcases regarding the latest skin.

The following is a list of skins available in the latest Kohaku & Matsuba bundle.

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Kohaku & Matsuba Phantom

New Valorant Phantom Skin
New Phantom Skin with Two Colors. Source: YouTube/Kanga – VALORANT

The newest Phantom skin in this bundle has no SFX or effects that players can upgrade.

However, this skin offers two different colors, namely white and black.

The two colors have different names, namely Base for white and Dark for black.

The following is showcases what if the player uses Phantom Kohaku & Matsuba.

Vicigers can see a comparison of the two Phantom Kohaku & Matsuba colors. Unfortunately, this skin lacks SFX, effects and finishers.

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Kohaku & Matsuba Classic, Judge, Operator

New Valorant Operator Skins
New Valorant Operator Skins. Source: YouTube/Kanga – VALORANT

Apart from Phantom weapons, this bundle also provides skins for Classic, Judge, and Operator weapons.

Like the previous skins, the skins for these three weapons also don't have SFX or effects that players can upgrade.

However, Riot Games provides color choices for these three skins. Just like Phantom, there are white and black color options.

The following is showcases what if players use Classic, Judge, and Operator Kohaku & Matsuba in one video.

Many Valorant players don't like the skins in this bundle. According to a Tweet from ValorLeaks, many were disappointed to see that the skin didn't have SFX.

However, many also like the design of the melee in the Kohaku & Matsuba bundle. Let's see the newest melee skin below!

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New Valorant Skin Equilibrium Melee

New Valorant Melee Skin
New Valorant Melee Skin. Source: YouTube/Kanga – VALORANT

This bundle provides a unique melee skin, which is in the form of a fan. Before this skin, there was only one melee in the form of a fan, namely the Celestial Fan.

Many players compare this Equilibrium Melee with a Celestial Fan. VCGamers found the new fan skin to be too realistic and very similar to a folding fan.

Vicigers can judge for themselves by watching the short video below showing the Equilibrium Melee animation.

For Vicigers who want to buy the bundle, Vicigers must be patient because this bundle will soon be released.

This bundle will be available in the Valorant Shop menu for around 3550 VP, seeing as there are no SFX or effects available for the skins included in this bundle.

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