Skyler's Skill Makes Gloo Wall Useless!

Skyler ff

A Glimpse of Skyler

Hola Vicigers! Characters in games Free Fire it has a very important role. The reason is, each of these characters has skills, and skills which is owned by each character is very supportive when playing. Especially if you can use it skills this well in order to defeat the enemy.

Therefore on the game battle royale Free Fire there are always new characters with skills attractive and powerful. One of the characters who recently appeared is Skyler. This character is one mystery characters visualized as a person superstars.

skills that each character has is unique and certainly different from other characters. In Free Fire games this is no difference that is the character with skills active and skills passive. Character with skills active can only be played if the player presses the button skills.

Many characters have skills active in Free Fire games this. This can support gameplay We. Free Fire Games has presented the character with skills active, that is the character Skyler. This character is officially present in Free Fire servers Indonesia on March 27 2021 through diamond top up event.

The collaboration was created by Free Fire servers Vietnam which created the presence of several skins and mystery character superstar namely a character named Skyler.

Mystery character superstar who is the CEO of the company as well. This character is visualized as a handsome young man, neatly haired, dressed in a black shirt and white suit. This character has extraordinary charisma. You can get this character with top up Diamonds minimum 140 Diamonds.

You can play Skyler in mode Clash Squad or custom. Because this character can issue Gloo Wall very much. So that you will play it optimally if you play in that mode.

Skyler skills

With skill-this of course will make the opponent overwhelmed and even lose on the battlefield. Not only that this character also has skills a combination of skills named passive and active Riptide Rhythm.

With skills active Skyler can knock down 5 Gloo Wall from 100m away. Then with skills passively this character can recover HP starting from 9 points every time he takes it out Gloo Wall.

So skills Actively it will issue an explosion in an area radius of up to 100 meters. This explosion is in the form of ultrasonic waves that get damage on Gloo Wall. When skills it hits any wall it will appear healing which generates a certain amount of HP.

But at one point it happened cooldown skills active for about 40 seconds. Cooldown this happens on reach damage 20th at max level each Gloo Wall.

On skills If you use Skyler's passive character, you will get HP every time you use it Gloo Wall Grenades. The amount of this HP will increase gradually according to the level.

At level 1, Gloo Wall destroyed at a distance of about 50 meters can regenerate HP up to 4 points. Then after that there will be skills cooldown for 60 seconds.

At level 2, Gloo Wall destroyed within 58 meters can regenerate HP up to 5 points. Then after that there is cooldown for 58 seconds.

Continue to level 3, Gloo Wall destroyed at a distance of 67 meters can regenerate HP up to 6 points. After that cooldown skillsit lasts 55 seconds.

At level 4, Gloo Wall can be destroyed at a distance of 77 meters and can regenerate HP up to 7 points. After that cooldown skillsit lasted 51 seconds.

At level 5, Gloo Wall can be destroyed within 88 meters and can regenerate HP up to 8 points. Then cooldown skillsit lasted 46 seconds.

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Finally at level 6, you can destroy Gloo Wall at a distance of up to 100 meters and if successful it will regenerate HP up to 9 points. After that cooldown skillsit lasts 40 seconds.

The advantage of this Skyler character is that he can shoot Gloo Wall without using weapons. Even this character can annihilate 5 Gloo Wall at a time. Therefore Gloo Wall the opponent who has woken up will be useless because Skyler can easily destroy it.

But even though it has extraordinary advantages, if while playing you can't destroy some Gloo Wall at one time then it would be certain that this attack was in vain.

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