Sea Games 2021 Results: The Indonesian MLBB National Team Wins a Silver Medal!

The SEA Games 2021 event for the MLBB Esports branch has brought out the Philippines as the champion and Indonesia must be satisfied with getting a silver medal
PUBG Sea Games roster
PUBG Sea Games roster

The Esports competition which started from 13 May 2022 to 22 May 2022 has now released the winning results. In particular, in games Mobile Legends: Bang Bang or MLBB.

The Indonesian MLBB national team won a silver medal after competing against the Philippines in the final round with a score of 3-1 for the Philippines.

SEA Games 2021

The 2021 Southeast Asian Games, commonly known as the 31st Southeast Asian Games or 31st SEA Games and also known as Vietnam 2021, is a biennial regional multi-sport event currently being held from 12 to 23 May 2022 in Hanoi, Vietnam.

This year the SEA Games held 10 Esports games and one of them was Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. In the MLBB branch, Indonesia brought home a silver medal after losing 3-1 to the Philippines.

Sea Games 2021 results

silver medal
sea games results 2022

The Indonesian national team had to be content with being in the number 2 position and getting a silver medal. In the previous matches, Indonesia managed to beat its enemies in Group B namely Vietnam and Singapore with a landslide score of 2-0 without reply.

After successfully defeating Vietnam and Singapore, Indonesia qualified for the semifinal phase and met with Malaysia. In the semifinals, Indonesia managed to achieve a complete victory with a score of 2-0 without reply.

However, after Indonesia made it into the Grand Final and met the Philippines, Indonesia had to admit the superiority of the Philippines with a score of 3-1.

The defeat of the Indonesian National Team in the MLBB branch was beyond the predictions of the Indonesian Esports Executive Board (PBESI). This is because the performance of Indonesian athletes has always shown extraordinary performances in recent years.

Reporting from Page Gosu, Indonesia occupies 4 places, namely 2, 5, 6 and 7 for the best MLBB team in the world. Even a few years earlier, one of the Indonesian Esports teams, namely RRQ Hoshi, was able to contribute 3 of his players to the 3 MLBB Sea Games 2022 national teams and win the title of MPL Invitational 4 Nation Cup in Southeast Asia.

Before competing in the 2022 SEA Games, the athletes had passed the National Training Selection (Pelatnas) since 4 February 2022. From the results of the Pelatnas, Indonesia finally appointed 7 athletes as country representatives at the 31st SEA Games in Hanoi. Not only athletes who go to Hanoi, but are also accompanied by coaches, managers and analyst.

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National Team Squad

mlb silver medal
Indonesian MLBB National Team

The following is the Mobile Legends national team squad:

  1. Calvin Winata (CW ONIC Esports): Goldlane
  2. Nicky Fernando Pontonuwu (Kiboy ONIC Esports): Roamer
  3. Calvin (Vyn RRQ Hoshi): Roamer
  4. Albert Neilsen Iskandar (Alberttt RRQ Hoshi): Jungler
  5. Gilang (Sanz ONIC Esports): Jungler
  6. Rivaldi Fatah (R7 RRQ Hoshi): Exp Lane
  7. Ihsan Besari Kusudana (Luminaire EVOS Legends): Midlane

Not only players who will come to the 2022 SEA Games, these athletes are accompanied by their analysis team and manager. The following is a list of analysts and managers who have accompanied these athletes competing in the 2022 SEA Games

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Analyst and manager

silver medal
Analyst and Coach
  1. Bramanthyo Rinaldy – Team Manager
  2. James Chen Jui Teng – Coach
  3. Adi Syofian Asyauri – Coach
  4. Ronaldo Aditya Lieberth – Analyst

Team Lineup

Team Lineup

In the Grand Finals match, the match entered the 4th game as a decider. Each athlete representative certainly uses a different hero so that the opponent cannot guess what kind of plan he will play.

Not only that, the athletes were also replaced by other players. Therefore, each game has different players and heroes used. The following is the composition of the players and heroes used in each game:

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Game player lineup 1


  1. R7 uses Marsha
  2. Vyn used Angela
  3. Sanz uses Lylia
  4. Alberttt uses Akai
  5. CW uses Popol and Kupa.


  1. Del Rossario uses Baxia
  2. Villaluna uses Lolita
  3. SOTO uses Esmeralda
  4. Gonzales uses WanWan
  5. Priest uses Xavier

In this first game, Indonesia had to admit the advantage of the Philippines after facing a fierce match for 29 minutes 6 seconds.

Game player line-up 2


  1. CW uses Clint
  2. Alberttt uses Melissa
  3. R7 uses Dyrroth
  4. SANZ uses Xavier
  5. Vynnn uses Franco


  1. SOTO uses Esmeralda
  2. The priest used Cecilion
  3. Villaluna uses Popol Kupa
  4. Del Rossario uses Baxia
  5. Gonzales uses Brody

In this second game, Indonesia managed to steal points from the Philippines by making 18 kills against the Philippines.

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Game line-up 3


  1. Vynnn uses the Kufra hero
  2. R7 uses the hero Uranus
  3. CW uses the hero Beatrix
  4. SANZ uses the hero Yve
  5. Alberttt uses the hero Baxia


  1. SOTO uses the hero Esmeralda
  2. Priest uses Xavier
  3. Villaluna uses the hero Rafaela
  4. Del Rossario uses the hero Akai
  5. Gonzales uses the hero Karrie

In this third game, the Philippines again dominated the game and managed to secure victory with 24 kills while Indonesia only got 16 kills.

Game player lineup 4


  1. R7 uses the hero Esmeralda
  2. Vynnn uses the Diggi hero
  3. Alberttt uses the hero Baxia
  4. SANZ uses the hero Cecilion
  5. CW uses the WanWan hero


  1. Villaluna uses the Lolita hero
  2. Priest uses Xavier
  3. SOTO uses the hero Uranus
  4. Del Rossario uses the hero Akai
  5. Gonzales uses the hero Beatrix

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