Rumors about PS 6 Specifications Will Soon Launch in 2027!

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There are widespread rumors about Sony's newest console, the PS 6, which will be released in the next few years, and has now entered the development stage, according to lifewire.

It has almost become Sony's habit to regularly update their famous console series every few years. Like the time span between the release of Playstation 1 and 2 which was around 6 years.

This latest rumor first appeared on his YouTube channel Moore's Law is Dead. He is also the same person who leaked details of the PS 5 Pro release some time ago.

In its newly broadcast video, Moore's Law is Dead confirmed that Sony will continue its collaboration with AMD to work on the PS 5 Pro and PS 6 as the main processors that run the engine and graphics.

It doesn't stop there, Sony also has the ambition to become the strongest game console company in this generation, beating its main competitor, the Xbox Series.

Want to know more PS 6 rumors? Read this article in full!

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Playstation History Over Time

PS 5
PS 5. (Source: Sony/Google)

Playstation is one of the oldest game consoles in the world. Sony first officially released the PlayStation console in 1994.

At that time, the PlayStation used the best engine series, in collaboration with the Nintendo manufacturer, although their collaboration ended less smoothly.

Behind its success, Sony has also carried out several trials and errors. For example, the PS Vita and PS Go series whose sales are not that big, compared to other consoles.

Most recently, Sony released the latest game console, even though it is 4 years old, which you can now buy for around 8 million.

In the next few years, Sony plans to update the PlayStation series. Namely, the PlayStation 5 Pro series and also the PlayStation 6.

reported from Tom's GuideAccording to the plan, Sony will bring several advanced features such as adaptable to VR Reality and also ray tracing.

PS 6 Specifications and Price

PS 6
PS 6 Rumor Design. (Source: Geek Tech/Google)

In this series, PS 6 will get a major upgrade from Sony. The graphics are rumored to be able to display high-end graphics at 4K and 8K levels, running at 6ofps.

In order to make this happen, it was rumored that Sony had tried to collaborate with Nvidia, although in the end they still chose AMD.

Furthermore, Sony also carries a built-in double SSD which has a storage capacity of 1-2 TB, to support its capable graphics.

If we compare it with the PS 5 series, then this is a massive upgrade. Because of this, many fans admit that they are holding back on buying a PS 5 now, for the sake of the PS 6 which will be out in the next few years.

The high-level graphics, super fast built-in processor, and powerful gaming experience of the PS 6, may be sold a little more expensively than its predecessor series.

Launch LifeWire, PS 6 will be priced at 400 to 500 dollars depending on the series, not including VR Reality or additional accessories which are sold separately.

later, Vicigers Maybe you have to buy PS 6 pre-order, like PS 5 or PS 4 first. Sony did this to keep public enthusiasm high, before it was actually released globally.

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List of games that can be played

PS 5 Trailer for The Last of Us
PS 5 Trailer for The Last of Us. (Source: Playstation/YouTube)

Some games that might be able to be played on PS 6 are the latest series of AAA type games, such as The Last of Us, which is currently being rumored to be releasing a new series.

Apart from The Last of Us, veteran games such as the God of War Ragnarok series, could be included in the PS 6 series in a reboot version.

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