Drift Spirits Review, RPG-style Racing Game

Drift Spirits

Of course it is very exciting and challenging when the concept of a racing game is combined with the RPG genre. The result is the latest Android game made by Bandai Namco developer entitled Drift Spirits. Of course, Indonesian gamers are wondering how the challenge that is presented by Drift Spirits is. Without going at length, read on for the following Drift Spirits review.

Complete with Tutorials

When starting Drift Spirits, players must first download game data. The size of the downloaded data is not displayed, but if you look at the App submenu in the Settings menu, this Android game has a file size of up to 195MB, while the capacity of the APK file downloaded from the Google Play Store is only 34MB. After the data download is complete, players can immediately run the Drift Spirits game.

Like games with other genres, players are also welcome to fill in the name they want, then choose an avatar image from the 4 available choices. Then choose one from a row of luxury car brands from well-known manufacturers, for example Mazda, Honda, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Nissan and Toyota. After choosing an avatar and vehicle image, players are also welcome to complete the tutorial to play this game.

2 Player Race Battle

The Drift Spirits game adopts different game rules compared to other racing games, for example Asphalt. The control menu for this Android racing game is quite simple. Vehicle racing is only followed by 2 players with such easy controls. When starting the race, the player only presses the gas pedal so the car immediately moves. In order to increase the speed of the vehicle, the player must press the N20 alias NOS button. What's exciting is that when you're around a corner, the player has to run a drift technique. In order to do this, the player just has to press the steering wheel along the corner and then release it when the corner ends.

Even though it seems easy, when you press the steering wheel you have to be precise, namely at the beginning of the bend and the end of the bend there is a line where the player must press it right after passing the mark. If you push too fast or vice versa too late, the result is that the vehicle cannot drift perfectly so that rivals have the opportunity to overtake.

The gameplay of Drift Spirits applies a number of elements from RPG games. In this game, players are required to complete missions in various zones like most RPG games. Then after completing the mission, the player automatically gets exp, money and various types of items. Then the Drift Spirits game also carries a storyline like the RPG genre. In RPG games, when you want to do a mission, players have to reach certain points, Drift Spirits is the same way. When completing the mission, fuel is needed. The capacity of the fuel tank is getting bigger in line with the increasing level of the character being played.

Race Car Dress Up

Racing games will not be complete if no vehicle modification features are found. But for the Drift Spirits game, players are given a modification menu typical of RPG games. Players can shop for a number of vehicle spare parts ranging from engines, tires and so on. The process of shopping for spare parts is also interesting using a system similar to summoning in RPG games. Players can pay for spare parts with Gold, CP Points and tickets. It's just that players can't choose spare parts as they wish, like summons in RPG games. In Drift Spirits, the parts that can be purchased are random. Then the spare parts are grouped into star strata. The more stars listed, the better the part will be and the higher the stats will be.

The technique of installing vehicle spare parts is the same as attaching weapons and armor to characters in RPG games. Installed spare parts can increase vehicle statistics used, for example increasing speed, acceleration, control and so on. Players can also increase the level of spare parts they have. In the game, players can get various enhancement items to increase the level of spare parts.

Apart from spare parts, players can also increase the level of the car by using gold, CP points and tickets. Cars in Drift Spirits, like heroes in RPG games, are grouped into star levels. The more stars listed, the better the statistics you have. Each vehicle has its own peculiarities. Each racing car that is used for the race will receive exp and then when it is sufficient, the level of the vehicle will automatically increase immediately. Players can also unite two of the same vehicle to increase its power.

3 Game Modes

So the Drift Spirits game provides 3 game modes to choose from, namely: Story, Versus and Daily Race. The Story mode is a mode where players complete several missions in various zones until they have a quick battle with “The Emperor.” Then for Versus mode is against other players from different parts of the world. Daily Race mode is a special race mission with the aim of getting coins as well as rare types of spare parts.

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