Resident Evil 4 Remake Krauser, the Most Difficult Boss in the RE Universe!

Resident Evil 4 Remake Krauser

Resident Evil 4 first appeared on the Playstation 2 game console. The experience of playing against various kinds of monsters and bosses there was very memorable. Nowadays, Resident Evil 4 has managed to get the opportunity to be remake, as well as its characters. Including Resident Evil 4 remake Krauser, the legendary boss.

Resident Evil 4 remake or RE 4 The remake, which was released in 2023, still carries the same story background as its predecessor.

Capcom, the main developer, only updated the appearance of the existing characters and sharpened the graphics of RE 4's gameplay.

Krauser, the legendary boss from the RE 4 universe, is also being remade. In this series, he gets a fresher appearance, and is also scarier than the RE 4 version in Playstation 2.

Before RE 4 happened, Krauser and the main character, Leon, were teammates, to crush a secret mission from the president of the United States.

However, fate took Krauser down a different path than Leon, and reunited him at the castle belonging to the Los Ilumminados group.

Want to know more about Krauser? Read this article until the end.

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Get to know Resident Evil 4 Remake Krauser

Krauser. (Source: IGN)

Krauser is an American soldier with the rank of major, who is paired with Leon, due to his wilderness specialization abilities being unmatched in the army platoon.

Leon himself is a police officer from Racoon City, a main character in the RE series that we will play.

Their relationship existed before RE 4. They first met at Operation Javier. One of the main missions in the Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles series.

This mission specifically aims to capture Javier Hidalgo, a researcher from the Umbrella Corporation, who also has a side business as a drug dealer.

While carrying out Operation Javier, the two of them accidentally met Manuela Hidalgo. His figure is depicted as helping Leon and Krauser, by voluntarily taking them to Javier's nest.

And only recently did we find out that Manuela was a special trap prepared by the enemy.

After Javier's mission was completed, his major position was immediately removed by the American president. Because of the heartache and jealousy he had been harboring for a long time, Krauser decided to look for Wesker.

He wants to regain his lost strength, and take what he lost. In the end, Krauser and Leon were no longer on the same page.

How to Beat Krauser

Major Krauser - Resident Evil 4 Remake Krauser
Major Krauser. (Source: The Gamers Paradise/YouTube)

We will meet with Major Krauser twice. First, we will meet him in Chapter 11 when entering the Hive, and also in chapter 14, at the Cargo Depot.

Chapter 11

Leon vs. Krauser
Leon vs. Krauser. (Resident Evil 4/YouTube)

In chapter 11, we will fight Jack Krauser or Major Krauser in the Hive. The way to beat him is quite simple, because Krauser is still in human mode, and not the monster mode that we will face in chapter 14.

Vicigers You must be able to utilize the dodge roll mechanism and also sneak attacks with Leon's knife combat. Don't forget, press the parry window when Krauser starts attacking us.

Try to keep your distance from Krauser. The reason is, he often tries to throw us to the ground. As in the picture.

Chapter 14

Krauser True Form
Krauser True Form. (Source: Resident Evil 4/YouTube)

In chapter 14, you will see Krauser in Plaga Mutation mode, who turns himself into a monster with a long sword made of bone in both hands.

The author recommends using a Magnum type pistol. Because, only this gun has enough damage to hurt Krauser's very tough skin.

Different from chapter 11, here, Krauser will defend more and take advantage of our negligence before attacking back.

When Krauser is in defense mode, target his head and legs with the Magnum pistol, to deal more damage than usual.

Keep moving! Never stay in one spot, because you will become an easy target when Krauser attacks.

Also take advantage of the heavy grenade which has quite a lot of blast damage.

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