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HP Cooler Recommendations

Currently, cellphone or smartphone technology has become increasingly sophisticated with the presence of smartphones with very high specifications. And to keep your cellphone cool, you can get around this by using a cellphone cooler.

As technology advances and the specifications of today's smartphones improve, the consequence is that smartphones heat up quickly due to high performance.

For this reason, many brands make special HP coolers or coolers that help keep the temperature from getting too hot.

In this article, we will recommend the best cellphone cooler that can make the smartphone temperature cool and stable for playing.

Following is the complete discussion.

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YLV Fancooler X9

Fancooler X9
Fancooler X9 from the YLV brand. Source: YLV Official

YLV Fancooler

There is also a YLV Fancooler

But in this version you can monitor the temperature of your smartphone, and of course both have a gaming look with RGB lights on the fan.

This cooler also has another, highest version, namely 2 Ports with the advantage that it can be used at the same time to charge your smartphone, so you only need one adapter when using the cooler and charging your smartphone.

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Gamen Siberia II Fan Cooler

Gamen Siberia II Fan Cooler
Gamen Siberia II Fan Cooler. Source : Gamen Official

The Gamen Siberia II Fan Cooler is a cooler from the Gamen brand which has a unique shape, the shape of this Gamen cooler is round like a yo-yo toy. which is suitable for all smartphones measuring 64-89mm.

Even though it is round like a yo-yo, the cooling performance of this cooler is not compromised by the magnetic feature which has 15 magnetic points that can lock the cooler to your smartphone by simply attaching it.

Meanwhile, other features such as the temperature display and RGB fan lights on this cooler are the same as the X9 cooler, but the Gamen Siberia II cooler has 3 levels of cooling modes, namely level 1, level 2 and level 3.

Memo DL16 AI Phone Cooler

Cooler Memo Dl 16 with AI Technology
Cooler Memo Dl 16 with AI Technology. Source: memo-develop

The next recommended cooler is the Memo DL16 AI Phone Cooler. This cooler from the memo brand has the same display and RGB features as the X9 and Siberia II coolers, but what is unique about the cooler is that it has 3 operating mode features, namely silent mode, power mode and AI (Artificial Intelligence) mode.

You can use this Silent cooler mode to set the engine fan rotation at 3500rpm which doesn't make a noisy fan sound. In silent mode you can get a temperature between 7-10 degrees at normal room temperature.

Meanwhile, you can use Power mode to get maximum cooling performance with fan rotation at 6000-6500. This mode is suitable for you to use if the smartphone you are using is already hot enough. Because with this mode, the cooler can produce temperatures 3-8 degrees cooler than normal room temperature.

And this AI mode is an advanced mode that this cooler has to regulate the temperature of the smartphone by automatically adjusting the required fan rotation using the help of Artificial Intelligence technology.

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KiiP Wireless C8 Cooling Magnetic Radiator

Another recommended cooler with magnetic technology is the KiiP Wireless Cooling Magnetic Radiator. This magnetic cooler is very suitable for you to use if your cellphone has a wireless charging feature.

Usually, magnetic stickers on other coolers often interfere with the function of wireless charging, so it's a shame that to do wireless charging, you have to remove the sticker and magnetic cooler first.

However, the magnetic sticker on the KiiP Wireless C8 Cooling Magnetic Radiator supports wireless charging, so you don't need to worry anymore about the magnetic cooler sticker on this brand and type.

Black Shark MagCooler 3pro

MagCooler 3pro Gaming Cooler from the Black Shark brand
MagCooler 3pro Gaming Cooler from the Black Shark brand. Source: VCGamers

The next cooler that is highly recommended for you to use as a smartphone temperature cooler is the Black Shark MagCooler 3pro. Of course, those of you who like gaming gadgets must be familiar with the Black Shark brand.

Black Shark MagCooler 3pro is a premium magnetic cooler made by the Black Shark brand which has advanced cooling technology that can reduce the hot temperature of your smartphone by as much as 35 degrees Celsius.

Smartphone cooling by Black MagCooler 3pro is very fast and good. In just 30 seconds, the Black MagCooler 3pro can bring the temperature of your smartphone to freezing point.

You can also connect this cooler to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and you can control RGB lights, dual NTC protection, adjust cooling, and other features using the special Black Shark MagCooler 3pro application.

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That's the recommendation for the best cooler that you can use to cool your smartphone so that its temperature remains stable when it's in use.

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