Wow! Quiver, can Speed up Crossbow Reload!

Quivers on PUBG

Hola Vicigers! This time we will talk about the Quiver component, in games Player Unknown's Battleground or PUBG.

There are several weapons commonly used by the player. One of them is Crossbows. However, in its use Crossbows it has its own drawbacks.

With so many weapons in the PUBG game, like Assault Rife (AR), Shotgun, Sub Machine Guns (SMGs), Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR), and Sniper Rifles, making this weapon a little neglected by PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds or PUBG players.

However, even though it is a little forgotten, this does not stop the hunt for this weapon player PUBG. With the performance provided by this weapon, we as player can't just ignore it.

Crossbows This has a level of use that is quite difficult and less effective, even though it has damage which can be said to be quite a lethal weapon. 

By having several advantages such as damage-its high enough and can be used to kill silently, making this weapon a consideration for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds or PUBG players to use. 

Unlike other weapons that is Assault Rife (AR), Shotgun, Sub Machine Guns (SMGs), Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR), and Sniper Rifles, weapon Crossbows it is not necessary to use attachments excessive.

Weapon Crossbows this can add attachments like Scopes or binoculars up to six times farther that can make enemies killed at a distance far enough and deadly.


In fact, this weapon can kill enemies instantly with just one shot headshot, even if the enemy is wearing a level 3 helmet though.

As for attachments the most used and required by weapons Crossbows this itself ie Quivers. Want to know more about the uses of Quivers this itself? Just listen come on continues below.

What's that Quivers and for What?

As the name implies, attachments this one is very suitable to be carried around and used by gun enthusiasts Crossbows. 

Although it's rare to use much Quivers this. Nonetheless Quivers this be one attachments from guns Crossbows that can be attached to lower rail weapon Crossbows.

Lower rail itself is one of a kind attachments which is usually placed at the bottom of the paired weapon attachments the. 

Other than that, normally items or attachments which is usually installed on lower rail it itself has a function to control recoil both horizontally, and vertically, as well patterns and what is no less important is recovery.

Quivers this is one attachments which can be used on weapons Crossbows. Quivers It has a function as an effector reload which is faster. Crossbows it really does have time reload which is quite long

Complete functionality of attachments This is to reduce time reload Crossbow of 30% of the total time reload Crossbow itself. important to know, Quiver attachments this can only be used on weapons Crossbows just.

It's become a priority Quivers separately to accelerate reload weapons do Crossbows this. 

So if you are using a weapon like Assault Rife (AR), Shotgun, Sub Machine Guns (SMGs), Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR), and Sniper Rifles, do not expect to be able to use Quiver attachments this, yes!

For those of you who use guns Crossbows As the main weapon, don't forget to always carry and search attachments or these highly functional accessories inside Backpack-your, yes!

By using it attachments it's on Crossbows, will make you as player be feeling very powerful in play if combining weapons that have this bow with Quivers throughout the game starts until the game ends.

Therefore, to overcome the problem of weapons Crossbows we must use Quiver attachments.

To find Quiver attachments you can find it at various points in each folder who are in games PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds this way looting in places that have items which is abundant. 

Make sure you take it if you find one at any time attachments this weapon and you're using a weapon Crossbows.

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