PUBG Mobile SMG Vs Assault Rifle: Choose a Better Weapon

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PUBG Mobile offers many types of weapons to players. PUBG Mobile SMG and AR are two of the most popular and favorite weapon categories. Choose better here.

PUBG Mobile offers players many types of weapons, such as melee, AR, SMG, DRM, Sniper, etc. Among them, PUBG Mobile SMG and AR are two of the most popular and favorite weapons.

In this thrilling survival shooting game, players prefer guns that allow them to shoot bullets. PUBG Mobile SMG and AR are two types of weapons with that feature. However, which genre of weapon is better in this game? Let's compare.

About Assault Rifles (AR)


There are many assault rifles in PUBG Mobile, such as M416, AKM, Beryl M762, SCAR-L, Groza, AUG A3, QBZ, G36C, Mk47 and M16A4. This AR uses either 5.56 or 7.62 ammo. Apart from the M16A4 and Mk47, the rest of the Assault Rifle allows you to fire bullets in combat with a very high rate of fire.

However, the most favorite feature that makes players prefer this weapon is its flexibility. These weapons are designed for medium range combat. So, this weapon is very effective both in short and medium range combat.

In addition, you can sometimes attach a 6x scope to the game's most stable weapon, the M416 to fire bullets in long range combat. Even though the damage drops significantly, pro players can still get long-distance kills with this combo.

Assault Rifles are PUBG Mobile's main weapon. They are also the most frequently used, even by professional players. The main reason for their popularity is the versatility and consistency of these weapons. They are accurate in medium range combat and do well in short and long range combat.

About Submachine Guns (PUBG Mobile SMG)


While AR is designed for medium range combat, PUBG Mobile SMG is a weapon for short range combat. There are many SMGs in PUBG Mobile, such as UZI, ump45, Vector, Thompson SMG, Bizon, and MP5K.

This PUBG Mobile SMG uses 9mm or 45 ACP bullets. These weapons also provide a very high rate of fire and are most powerful in short range combat.

However, the game's bullet drop mechanics make SMGs weak in mid-range combat and useless in long-range combat. The most favorite feature of this weapon genre is the low recoil rate.

SMG is known as the most stable and easy to control weapon in this game. That's why this weapon is also highly recommended for beginners.

PUBG Mobile SMG is a cross between an SR and an automatic pistol. They are accurate at close range and generally deal high levels of damage. PUBG Mobile SMG is great for close range combat and deals massive amounts of damage.

The same cannot be said for ranged combat, where the PUBG Mobile SMG is considered an effective weapon. While they can be equipped with scopes and other attachments, the PUBG Mobile SMG only shows minor improvements at long range.

It is impossible to choose a better weapon in these two categories. The best use of this weapon comes down to situation and in-game availability. While Assault Rifles are reliable and do great damage at medium to long distances, PUBG Mobile SMGs are very good at close range.

Unlike SubMachine weapons, AR requires players to be more accurate, which requires a lot of practice, patience, and dedication.

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For example, the M416 AR has a hefty 41 hit damage, a bullet velocity of 880 m/s, and very low vertical recoil when single tapping at long distances.

With the right attachments, this weapon is stable even in close combat. Looking at the typical PP-19 Bizon SMG, this gun offers 35 hit damage, a bullet velocity of 408m/s and an unpredictable recoil pattern.

PUBG Mobile SMG damage is lower than AR, and its use is limited to close combat.

Experienced players recommend PUBG Mobile SMG in urban areas and as long as they frequently engage in close quarters. Players can also use AR at close range if they are good at using weapons and can control the recoil.

Overall AR has a slight advantage over PUBG Mobile SMG due to its intense damage and stability. A single shot to the head with an AKM is much quicker than a few downward sprays with an UZI.

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In conclusion, AR is a better choice for pro players who can control weapon recoil well. Meanwhile, beginners should engage in close combat with PUBG Mobile SMG.

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