Popol and Kupa Got Nerfed in the Latest Patch Update

Popol & Kupa OKS

The heroes Popol and Kupa were nerfed in the latest update patch 1.6.50 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang some time ago. Well, this time we will review this matter.

Popol & Kupa are nerfed in this latest patch. The strength of the skills possessed by this hero has decreased in this update.

As a user of this hero, of course you have to know which skills are nerfed. Because, of course, this will affect the gameplay of the hero a little or a lot.

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You can play very well when you know the skills that get buffed and also nerfed. Because there have been some changes in the game update some time ago.

Even so when you are not a user of the hero. Because, we can know how the character of this one hero.

This will be useful when dealing with this one hero in the Land of Dawn. Because, we know how far the strength of this one hero is.

Let's see what buffs and nerfs Popol & Kupa received in this update

Popol and Kupa Get Nerfed

Popol and Kupa were nerfed by some of his skills. Besides that, there are also skills from Popol and Kupa that receive buffs.

Changes from Popol and Kupa in the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, reported from the channel YouTube VY Gaming. Immediately, let's take a look at the changes from Popol & Kupa:

Passive – We Are Friends

Popol & Kupa We Are Friends

We Are Friends is a passive skill from Popol and Kupa Mobile Legends. Nothing can separate the two.

Kupa will recover HP from Popol's maintenance when he runs away from the match.

When Popol takes no damage within five seconds, Kupa will restore Popol's 10% Max HP every second.

In fact, Popol can also summon back into the game when Kupa is eliminated.

Popol can make Kupa recover 10% Max HP every second while not taking damage for 5 seconds with a cooldown for 45 seconds.

Furthermore, Kupa will get 2500 (+1200% Total Physical ATK) Max HP and 100% other Popol attributes along with Equipment effects (except active Equipment, Jungle and Roam).

It's the other way around. Kupa can strengthen Popol's attacks after taking 3 hits in a row. It can also make opposing heroes who are hit by Popol get (+220% Total Physical ATC) (Physical Damage).

In this passive skill, Popol & Kupa get a buff. Because, Kupa can inherit 100 percent Attack Speed from Popol.

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Skill 1 – Bite 'em, Kupa!

Popol & Kupa Skill 2

When using this skill, Popopl will throw a spear at the target. It makes the target get 100 (+100% Total Physical Attack) (Physical Damage).

In addition, Kupa was also ordered to bite the target. The bite makes the target get 120 (+75% Total Physical Attack) (Physical Damage). After that, the attack will continue for 3 seconds.

In Alpha Wolf mode, Kupa will be able to deal ferocious attacks later. Thus, he can strike the opponent's hero 3 times quickly and cause a 1 second stun effect on his target.

This skill is called nerf. Because, the damage from the Damage from the Signal Arrow which previously gave 100-190 is now 80-170. Then, Kupa can also do it 3 times even though he's not in Alpha Wolf mode.

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Skill 2 – Kupa, Help!

Popol & Kupa Kupa, Help

Kupa's 2nd skill is Kupa, Help!. When this skill is used, Popol will summon Kupa to get protection.

Thus, Popol can receive Shield from Kupa when using this skill.

This skill can also give nearby enemy heroes Physical Damage. Apart from that, it will also give a slow effect to the hero.

There was no change, either buff or nerf when Popol and Kupa used this skill in the latest update patch 1.6.50.

So, for those of you who are used to using this hero in the game.

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Ultimate – Popol's Surprise

Popol & Kupa Ultimate okay

This skill gets nerfed in the latest patch update in the Mobile Legends game.

When using this skill, Popol will set a trap. The device will be active in some time.

When an opposing hero steps on the trap, it will give 70 (+20% of Total Damage Power) (Physical Damage). It will cause an Immonbilize effect within 1 second. Apart from that, it will also create a Frost Zone in 4 seconds.

It will also reduce the 20% Movement Speed of enemies around it. Popol will also store 3 traps together and get 1 charge in 22 seconds. The three traps will last for 60 seconds.

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When using the ultimate skill, Popol and Kupa will be filled with anger. They also get additional Attack Speed and Movement Speed.

In addition, Kupa will also enter “Alpha Wolf Form”. This can immediately restore all HP and increase Skills 1 and 2.

At the same time, Kupa will enter “Alpha Wolf Form”. When entering this mode, it will restore all HP and increase the strength of Skill 1 and Skill 2 they have.

In this update, Popol and Kupa's ultimate skills have been improved. Namely, Kupa can provide additional Basic Attack when doing 3 quick bites while in Alpha Wolf Mode.

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