Pokemon GO Thunders: Explained and Best Pokemon in 2024!

Zapdos Pokemon Go Thunders

Pokémon GO has a myriad of charge skills possessed by various types of Pokemon. The main influence on the differences in charge skills is the type of Pokemon. Pokemon GO thunders is one of the charge skills of electric type Pokemon, and is also one of the strongest.

A row of legendary Pokemon, and also famous Pokemon, that you often hear about, like Pikachu or Jolteon, it is almost certain to master the charge skill thunders.

As the name suggests, the thunders charge skill can emit electricity with great power, and allow your opponent to be stunned.

Want to know more about Pokemon GO thunders? The author has prepared all the facts in this article. Listen carefully, Cekidot!

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Explanation of "Thunders", Electric Type Pokemon's Ultimate Move

Pokemon GO Thunders
Pokemon GO Thunders. (Source: DragonDens/Google)

Thunders is the main charge skill of electric type Pokemon. The damage dealt is quite large for a charge skill class.

That is 100, and can also deal damage per second of 41.7.

However, you also need to know that this charge skill has several weaknesses when fighting Pokemon with grass, dragon and ground type moves.

Even though the Pokemon you have is a legendary type Pokemon, with equally good attack and defense statistics, Vicigers You also have to pay attention to the pure weaknesses of these moves.

Meanwhile, as for its advantages, Pokemon with the charge skill Thunders can outperform opponents with flying and water types.

Best Pokemon GO Thunders in 2024

Pokemon GO Event Paldea
Pokemon GO Event Paldea. (Source: Pokemon GO/Google)

These are some of the best pokemon with the thunders charge skill that you can consider adding to your attack team during raids. Among others are:


Zapdos. (Source: Niantic/Google)

Zapdos the legendary bird is in first place. His body is filled with electricity, which is very suitable for the combination of thunder or lightning charge skills.

Like most legendary Pokemon, Zapdos also cannot evolve again. We first met his figure in the Pokemon series, when Satoshi went to save Pikachu.

In the Pokemon GO game itself, Zapdos cannot appear naturally like other wild Pokemon. Players must take part in a certain number of raids to get Zapdos.


Regigas - Pokemon GO Thunders
Regigas – Pokemon GO Thunders. (Source: Pokemon Wiki Fandom/Google)

In second place is Regigas which has a combination of ground and electric types. A rare case, where two completely opposite types, can merge into one in a Pokemon's body.

However, this is what makes it one of the strongest legendary Pokemon ever, with its signature lightning move.

In the Pokemon GO game itself, you also cannot find Regigas in the wild. Vicigers must have an item that is used to enter the "A Colossal Discovery" event which was held on November 2 2019.

Tapu Koko

Tapu Koko
Tapu Koko. (Source: Niantic/Google)

Tapu Koko, the protective Pokemon and savior god in the Pokemon world, sits in third place as a Pokemon that is suitable for combining with lightning moves.

He is a natural guardian from the Alola Region, with a combination of electric and fairy types.

Just like Regigas, you also can't find them in the wild. Take part in certain events to make it your pet Pokemon.


Pokemon Go Thunders - Dialga
Pokemon Go Thunders – Dialga. (Source: Niantic)

Dialga can be found in the near future, when Pokemon GO holds the Sinnoh Tour event. Not only Dialga, you can also get to know Palkia, his twin.

Even though it's not an electric type, Dialga still masters lightning moves as well as other electric type Pokemon.


Raikou. (Source: Dexerto)

In last place, there is the legendary type great tiger, Raikou. The lightning or thunders technique was innate from the moment he was hatched. So, this move has become ingrained in his flesh.

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