POCO Shakes the Indonesian Smartphone Market by Releasing 3 Cellphones with Extreme Performance


JAKARTA, 1 February 2024 – POCO, brands technology that is popular among the younger generation of technology enthusiasts, launched three smartphones The newest (two X series and one M series) to answer Gen Z's needs in maximizing the gaming experience games, stream, and social media, at the POCO Extreme Launch #3XMakinGG event.

Each of those upgrades marked major changes that pushed the boundaries of the scene smartphones mid-range, thanks to the extreme performance delivered through level technology, aesthetics and performance flagship, at extreme prices.

POCO X6 Pro 5G and POCOupdates POCO Fans' favorite X series with the latest processor and technology. Both feature enhanced displays for smooth, immersive visuals, as well as a triple camera setup for professional-level content creation.

Meanwhile, the attractive POCO M6 Pro popularizes the level of features and experience flagship, especially for social media fans, through its premium display, large storage and turbo charging. All of this also focuses on extreme performance and price.

Andi Renreng, Associate Director Marketing POCO Indonesia, said, “What a moment. Not long after POCO Indonesia turned three years old, we rocked the scene again smartphones by releasing three cellphones at once. POCO X6 Pro 5G, POCO X6 5G, and POCO M6 Pro bring all the technology smartphones that Gen Z needs, and allows POCO Fans to level up to premium performance and features tailored for action full frame gaming best, watching movies, and creating social media content. The technology carried by all three is at a level flagship, and will help users maximize digital experiences in 2024 and beyond.”

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POCO X6 Pro 5G: Extreme Performance, with Level Flagship in the Mid-Range Class

Designed to provide an extraordinary experience without sacrificing performance, POCO X6 Pro 5G carries chipsets, memory, and storage, with plenty of battery power to meet the needs of extreme performance seekers. POCO X6 Pro comes with time loading faster, smooth-as-silk operation, and instant response that keeps up with their gaming speed.

Behind the performance gaming the most extreme ever for POCO series X, there is chipsets The new Dimensity 8300-Ultra sets a new speed record for POCO devices, with benchmarks AnTuTu is 1,464,228. Chipsets This premium provides faster, smoother performance and better power efficiency so users can play games favorites that require a lot of power for longer.

"As smartphones The first to carry the Dimensity 8300-Ultra, this means that the POCO flagship," continued Bung Andi.

POCO works with MediaTek to optimize chipsets on the POCO X6 Pro 5G, so it can provide technology adaptive gaming, fast connectivity, and low power efficiency to deliver the experience smartphones premium.

And as a balance for performance and speed, POCO multitasking smooth. This includes switching seamlessly between taking photos, editing videos, and sharing social media content. Smartphones It also features WildBoost Optimization 2.0 which has improved the gaming experience games which is very fast and smooth.

This POCO X6 Series device also has a 6.67 inch CrystalRes Flow AMOLED screen, which provides smooth action inside games and lifelike video, and vivid colors even in bright sunlight. With ultra thin bezel, screen-to-body ratio POCO X6 Pro 5G reaches 94%, ensuring a full-screen experience and sleek, modern aesthetics.

Plus, professional photo displays are a must for today's digital users. So the POCO X6 Pro 5G is equipped with a 64MP triple camera configuration and new features, including OIS (optical image stabilization) to help users take clear photos while moving.

Furthermore, this camera also adds Motion Capture and Motion Tracking functions which automatically identify and track people, animals or other objects that are the focus of the video[3]. The results are amazing for the vloggers that immortalizes the game's amazing action skateboards, for example, or dance, or wildlife scenes.

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POCO X6 5G: Extreme Performance with the Debut of the Snapdragon 7s Gen 2 Chipset

Exceeds user expectations from smartphones mid-range, POCO This new device has amazing performance thanks to chipsets the latest generation, Snapdragon® 7s Gen 2, as well as upgraded memory and storage, as well as a powerful battery. Users can enjoy a smooth and fast experience, whether taking photos, watching high-resolution videos or playing games all day and night.

Built on a 4nm fabrication process, Snapdragon® 7s Gen 2 means fast and powerful performance accompanied by high power efficiency. Besides that, chipsets it offers Snapdragon Elite Gaming™ features for gaming experience games outstanding. “POCO X6 5G benefits from strong performance improvements compared to chipsets previous generation," said Bung Andi.

Snapdragon® 7s Gen 2 is also equipped with AI capabilities such as reduction noise on picture, deep learning face detection for better facial recognition, AI-based echo cancellation, and dampening noise that utilizes the Qualcomm® AI Engine to make the user experience smoother and more efficient.

Improved screen and camera capabilities complement the POCO X6 5G. Like the POCO

Most importantly, the 64MP main camera of the new device introduces high-quality OIS, while the lens ultra-wide Additional 8MP and 2MP micro cameras allow photography lovers to explore a wide range of possibilities, from expansive landscapes, group photos, to photos close-up details of the smallest insects, as well as new perspectives on everyday objects.

Users can further express their creativity by utilizing various filters and frames. Includes retro filters and new scenes, which help create a different and stunning look when creating social media posts.

Even though it only weighs 181 grams, this cellphone is powered by a large 5100mAh (typ) battery that supports 67W turbo charging. It can be charged to full capacity in 44 minutes, so users are ready for uninterrupted music and video playback, as well as gaming action games high speed and share on social media without having to wait long.

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POCO M6 Pro: Flagship Experience in the Mid-Range Class at an Extreme Price

POCO M6 Pro allows young people to be immersed in entertainment action and social media browsing anywhere, thanks to power and performance that is rarely found in its class. Plus, the impressive high-end appearance of the Flow AMOLED screen, appearing for the first time on the POCO M series, with refresh rate 120Hz and ultra-thin bezels offer the highest quality full-screen display that is more immersive and easy on the eyes.

Users will enjoy scrolling smoother, smoother animations, and a better experience during play games and watch fast-moving videos. This screen also offers 16x super-resolution touch – highly accurate touch screen, significantly smoother and more stable than standard screens, allowing for greater speed and precision gameplay next level.

This smartphone can also be aligned with smartphones class flagship, for perfect social media uploads, thanks to three upgraded 64MP cameras and OIS and EIS support (optical and electronics image stabilization) built-in to help users take and share stunning photos and videos.

OIS is rarely found on mid-range cellphones, its function is to reduce shaking (shakes) and opacity (blur) camera, for professional results. This allows users to take clear pictures or smooth videos, when there is only one chance to capture the moment, even with less steady hands.

The technology is perfect for creating epic shots from basketball games. But what if we were sitting a little further back in the football stadium? No problem, with in-sensor zoom 2x, allowing users to take sharper and more detailed images from a distance.

Bung Andi said, “Furthermore, the POCO M6 Pro has been updated taking into account the needs of the younger generation. Chipsets Helio G99-Ultra, which debuted on the POCO M6 Pro and was touted as one chipsets The most powerful in its class, designed for entertainment. Chipsets This provides strong performance frame rate smooth."

In addition, for the first time in the POCO M series, the POCO M6 Pro features such large memory and storage, up to 12GB RAM and 512GB ROM [10]. Charging is also faster than before, with 67W turbo charging for the first time in the M series, allowing users to quickly charge their phone before going to work, studying or going for a night out.

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Price and Availability

POCO X6 Pro 5G comes with the highest variant, namely 12GB | 512GB at the introductory price on line Rp. 4,799,000,-. Meanwhile, the POCO

The initial sale of this cellphone starts from 1-7 February 2024, which can be obtained via PO.CO.ID and various official POCO Indonesia stores on Shopee, Tokopedia, and Lazada, and will soon also be available on Akulaku and Blibli. 

Meanwhile, the POCO M6 Pro comes with an 8GB|256GB variant with an online offer price of IDR 2,799,000,- which can be purchased starting from 7-13 February 2024.

POCO M6 Pro can be purchased online via PO.CO.ID and various official POCO Indonesia stores on Shopee, Tokopedia, and Lazada, and will soon also be available on Akulaku and Blibli.

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