This is the Story, Personality, Skills of the Sexy Laura FF Character

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FF's Laura character is one of the hottest characters in the game. Let's find out what kind of story is behind this sexy female agent.

Free Fire is the most popular battle royale game on mobile today. This game differentiates itself from other battle royale games on the market by having a dynamic character system. Each character has their own unique skills which give you a distinct advantage in battle.

Today, we will introduce Vicigers to the character Laura FF, one of the most favorite characters in Free Fire. Laura FF is one of the early characters in Free Fire. Laura's character on Free Fire was released on Free Fire in May 2019 in the OB19 update.

How to get Laura FF character? He is available in the in-game store for 499 diamonds.

Bio Character Laura FF 

Laura FF
  • Female gender
  • Age: 24
  • Birthday: May 21

Laura FF is known as an amazing female agent. He had been a talent shooter when he was a child. His dream is to bring justice to the world. He is known among the most dangerous crime lords who never miss a shot.

Laura FF was trained by her father since childhood to become the best shooter in the world. He and Rafael were close friends when they were kids.

At that time, Rafael was bullied a lot by other children and Laura FF was the one who protected him. When Rafael moved away, they lost touch with each other. Laura FF then joined the army. He met and befriended Ford there.

He then becomes an undercover agent and is tasked with a mission to investigate a killer named 'Crow'.

Character Skills Laura FF

Laura FF

Laura's special survival skill in FF is called 'Sharp Shooter'. This skill will increase his accuracy by a significant amount when he scopes. This is the reason why he is one of the favorite characters in Free Fire.

The skill is very helpful for new players and old players who can't control aim properly. This skill is also good in long-range combat where accuracy is the most important factor.

You can raise his skills up to Level 6 using Memory Fragments and increase his accuracy when ranged up to 30 [ersen. Following are the details of Laura's Free Fire character skills at each level.

  • Sharp Shooter Level 1: Accuracy increases by 10 percent when using a scope.
  • Sharp Shooter Level 2: Accuracy increases by 14 percent on entry.
  • Sharp Shooter Level 3: Accuracy increased by 18 percent.
  • Sharp Shooter Level 4: Accuracy increased by 22 percent.
  • Sharp Shooter Level 5: Accuracy increased by 26 percent.
  • Sharp Shooter Level 6: Accuracy increased by 30 percent.

Tips and Tricks for Using the Laura FF Character

Laura FF

Laura's skills can reach their full potential in long-range combat because accuracy when used in close combat is not a problem at all.

In Squad, he will play in the back row as a sniper to help his teammates. When you just land, try to find a weapon with a scope to take advantage of the skill. Its strength is very dependent on the gear and its attachments such as muzzles and grips.

Your position in battle is very important to cause the most damage to the enemy. Always let the other members lurk in front while you stay behind with your reach, ready to fight.

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Skill Combination

Laura FF

As the team's main damage dealer, you'll want to combine skills that will amplify your damage output and hidden abilities. The goal is to kill enemies while staying hidden and avoiding close confrontations.

Yamato Bushido's skill will increase the damage a lot if you keep your HP low, which doesn't really matter since you're in the backline. The Moco Hacker's Eye skill will allow you to track your targets so they can't escape.

Rafael Dead Silent's skill and Wukong Camouflage skill will make you invisible so you can freely destroy enemies without being noticed.

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Those are some important information about Laura FF that you need to know as a player in this game. Especially if you are a user of this sexy character.

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