Complete Peel of Gatotkaca Hero and How to Use it!

hero Gatot Kaca-Magic-Shoe

Hola Vicigers! Who here doesn't know the hero Gatotkaca? Yup, without you knowing it, the more you play it Mobile Legends: Bang Bang your skills in using heroes will increase, especially with the amount heroes, there's no reason to try a wide variety heroes.

Determination of a heroes before the match, of course it will affect your fight with the team. You need to know some heroes taken from the mythological characters of the Motherland Lol.

Among several heroes which is adapted from a hero or legend from Indonesia, there is one heroes  which is sure to be familiar to your ears. Who is she? Check out the following explanation. 

This character is taken from the original Indonesian wayang characters. Moonton as Mobile Legends developer: Bang Bang deliberately issued this character to appreciate Indonesian culture and introduce it to the world.

Gatotkaca is not the only character adapted from the hero from his country, previously there was the character Lapu-Lapu from the Philippines, and there was also Yi Sun Shin who came from South Korea.

Before you play heroes Gatotkaca, of course you have to understand the use of skills possessed by this character.

Passive Skills (Steel Bones)

This ability will be active when the Gatotkaca hero accepts damage from the enemy, he will gain 5 rage, rage it will strengthen basic attacks and increase attack power. In addition, each Gatotkaca loses 2.5% Hp will add physical defense until stuck 250.

Skill 1 (Blast Iron First)

Effect from skills first, Gatotkaca will hit the ground in front of him so that opponents trapped in his area will receive 200 (+150% total magic power) and give effect slow to an opponent of 30%.

Skill 2 (Unbreakable)

skills  it's useless to give magic damage by 200 (+100 total magic power), as well as causing taunts to an opponent for 1.5 seconds via a blow from charge which he did.

Ultimate (Avatar of the Guardian)

This is Ulti owned by Gatotkaca. When doing skills 3, Gatotkaca will jump and land to the specified location and give effect knock-up  in that area.

Threats to opponents who are around him will receive magic damage by 500 (+300 total magic power), the enemy in the middle will suffer knock-up the old one, and those near the circle will be pulled to the center area.

Apart from relying on hero skills owned, build items will also have an effect on adding properties Fighter Tanks from Gatotkacha. You guys have to try items this will make Gatotkaca even stronger.

Item Build Recommendations


Warrior Boots

Hero Gatotkaca is tank heroes which have movement speed which can be said to be quite slow, therefore, required movement items to speed up the movement.

Of various kinds movement items which is available, warrior boots  Becomes items which is suitable for the Gatotkaca hero, because it adds +22 physical defense and +40 movement speed.

Cursed helmet

Furthermore, items that must be purchased by Gatotkaca is cursed helmet because Gatotkaca is tank heroes so defense items it is very suitable to wear, with items this Gatotkaca got extra magical defense and HP. 

Besides that, skills passive of cursed helmet  will give 15% magic damage which is equivalent to max HP nearby opponents, and damage will increase by 50% when killing minions.

Concentrated Energy

After that, to increase the strength of the Gatotkaca hero, you have to buy it concentrated energy items. With items this, Gatotkaca will receive +70 magic power and +700 extra HP.

Not only that, items this will give you an additional +25% magical lifesteal, as well as own skills passively recovers HP 10% when you kill your opponent.


As a tank, what we can be certain of is heroes will become the target of the opponent, so as not to be a shield for heroes other. To strengthen defense  from Gatotkaca, you can use defense items this.

Use Immortality will give +800 HP and +40 physical defense against Gatotkaca. Besides that, skills it can be revived heroes, when it hit kill.


To make Gatotkaca's hero defense even stronger, then oracle items this should be the option to use, Gatotkaca will receive +42  magical defense, +10% cooldown reduction, as well as an additional +850 HP.

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Antique Cuirass

To complete build items hero Gatotkaca, then antique cuirass you must have, defense items this will give +54 physical defense, +920 HP and +6 HP regen addition to Gatotkaca.

So, those are the capabilities and also the recommendations build items which you can use when playing Gatotkaca, sir heroes inspired by one of the Indonesian wayang characters.

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