Game-Based Learning: Developing Critical Skills through Video Games in Education

Game Based Learning

Computer games have become an integral part of leisure for both adults and children. Many argue about what is the benefit of computer games. Scientists conduct research and highlight the development of strategic thinking and critical skills as the main advantage.

Games-based learning is a perfect way to study. But unfortunately, most students don't have time for playing games because of the numerous assignments they need to deal with. Luckily, they may turn to the online assignment writing service to get help. In this way, all assignments will be done on time, and students will have more time for playing games.

What Are Video Games?

Game Based Learning
What are Video Games? Source: Pexels.

A video game is an electronic game based on user interaction with a device through a visual interface. The player controls the process in a special environment - the setting, which includes the place, time, and external attributes of the plot action.

Scripts for computer games are based on films, books, TV shows, and sometimes vice versa - they shoot sequels and feature films based on the plot of a video game; there are even universes, for example, Gone Home – Firewatch.

You can play online with a partner. This is great leisure time with friends because you can chat with a friend or talk through a microphone. But it is important to keep track of the time spent in the virtual world and not plunge into it headlong.

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Components of a Computer Game

Game Based Learning
Components in Video Games. Source: VCGamers

The gaming world has a significant impact on society as a whole. In the US, computer games are already equated with art, and e-sports have appeared. It is a whole system consisting of many components. All video games include three main components:

  • Setting - the environment in which the plot develops, its conditions, time, and place.
  • Gameplay is the play from the player's point of view.
  • Musical accompaniment.

These three components form the basis of any virtual leisure. The developers are trying to create unique and exciting scenarios so that the user gets the most out of the game.

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What are the Advantages of Computer Games?

Game Benefits
Game Benefits. Source: VCGamers

Any information is better absorbed by the child if it is presented in a game format. The process becomes more interesting and enjoyable, and at the same time, a lot of benefits are derived from computer games. Children develop critical and strategic thinking, imagination, and communication skills.

Teenagers are also more comfortable perceiving information through positive emotions and games, especially together with someone. Video games unite people, give them one goal, and motivate them to a common victory.

Advantages of a computer game:

Helps Relieve Stress

Scientists have conducted many studies - all came to the conclusion that computer games help reduce stress levels. You can neutralize cortisol with the help of the hormone of happiness - dopamine. During the gameplay, a person experiences positive emotions, especially if they play not alone but with friends.

Improves Brain Function

Developing a winning strategy puts our brains to work just as hard as playing chess. The player has to solve a lot of logical problems and think outside the box. Such activities develop critical and creative thinking, memory, concentration, intelligence, and the ability to respond quickly.

Promotes New Acquaintances and Helps to Communicate

Common interests always bring people together. Many have found friends and soul mates thanks to World of Warcraft. Team games contribute to the development of communication skills and help to make new acquaintances and friends. Leisure activities can promote trust and closeness with other players.

Develops Useful Skills

When a person plays strategic video games, they develop their attention, concentration, and logic. The brain is active during this process, which is beneficial. The player processes a large amount of information and learns spatial orientation. That's why one of the London special schools introduced a separate discipline for video games.

Improves the Speed of Thinking

Gamers solve logic problems several times faster than ordinary people do. The study showed that regular mental stress in video games contributes to the development of executive functions and fast information processing. Therefore, the speed of thinking increases.

Erases Gender Differences

In 2007, an experiment was conducted during which scientists tried to find out whether differences in spatial perception in women and men appear due to congenital signs or due to different motor and visual activity. As a result, it turned out that this factor does not depend on gender. A girl can surpass a guy if she has experience in computer games.

Improves Reaction

To eliminate problems with the reaction, it is enough to start playing shooters. The player must be able to quickly eliminate the enemy if they want to win. If you regularly complete missions in video games of this genre, then you will improve your reaction and other skills.

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As you can see, games not only develop critical skills but also brings other benefits. If you want to spend more time on studying through video games, consider getting help with your assignments. For example, you can leave a "write my research paper" request on a writing service. In this way, your paper will be written quickly and based on your requirements.

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