Win Prizes Worth IDR 10 Million, Participate in the Orange Banana Punch Open Beta Test

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You can get vouchers of up to a total of tens of thousands of VCG Tokens just by playing puzzle games. The trick is to take part in the Open Beta Test Game Orange Banana Punch which is held by the publisher directly, ARCADE2BIT.

Implementation of open beta test puzzle game for people in Indonesia from ARCADE2BIT this time in collaboration with VCGamers.

There are prizes in the form of vouchers with a total of up to 34 thousand VCG Tokens worth Rp. 10,000,000++ (assuming 1$VCG Tokens = Rp. 300) for those of you who manage to be in the top 10 positions in the ranking leaderboard and for the first 1,000 registrants.

You can later use this VCG Token voucher to purchase NFT Orange Banana Punch powered by ARCADE2BIT.

You only need to download this puzzle game with very simple gameplay and then play it to collect points.

The evaluation of the competition was carried out in a transparent manner. You can see the ranking leaderboard in the game menu.

Later, players who are ranked first to 10th will receive prizes in the form of VCG Token vouchers. Easy isn't it?

So what are you waiting for? Download this game right away and bring home thousands of VCG Token vouchers that have been prepared for you!

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How to Register for the Orange Banana Punch Beta Test

open beta test orange banana punch

Registering to take part in the Orange Banana Punch puzzle game beta test is very easy. Follow the steps below:

  • Download and Login Game Orange Banana Punch via this link (Click here)
  • After downloading and getting a username, participants must fill out the registration form. (Click here
  • Play the game and monitor the leaderboard to find out the points you have collected.
  • Participants can collect points starting from 26 Nov – 8 December 2022
  • Determination of winners based on the final results of the ranking leaderboard on December 8, 2022 at 23.59 WIB
  • Winners will be announced on December 9, 2022 at VCGamers News.
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Categories & Prizes

There are a number of prizes provided for the winners. All prizes will be given in the form of VCG Token vouchers.

This prize can be obtained if you lead the points on the game leaderboard until December 8, 2022.

The following details the categories competed for and their prizes:

  • Top Rank Trophies (in the form of vouchers)
    • Top 1 = $VCG 2,100
    • Top 2 = $VCG 1,500
    • Top 3 = $VCG 1,000
    • Top 4 – 6 = @$VCG Tokens 400
    • Top 7 – 10 = @$VCG Tokens 300
  • Top Rank Score (in the form of vouchers)
    • Top 1 = $VCG 2,100
    • Top 2 = $VCG 1,500
    • Top 3 = $VCG 1,000
    • Top 4 – 6 = @$VCG Tokens 400
    • Top 7 – 10 = @$VCG Tokens 300
  • First 1,000 Registrants Get $VCG Token 20 (in the form of a voucher)
  • Total prize pool: 34,000 $VCG Tokens
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Orange Banana Punch Beta Testing FAQ

Q: How to join this program?

A: First you have to log in to the game, it's enough with guest mode that you can get a player ID. Then, fill in the Google form according to your personal data. Next, play the Orange Banana Punch game to collect points and win prizes.

Q: How to see player ID?

A: You can see that in the settings menu, your player ID will appear at the bottom

Q: How long will this program last?

A: the program starts from 26 Nov – 8 Dec 2022 at 23.59 WIB

Q: Where can I download the application?

A: You can download the application via Google Play store

Q: What are the prizes?

A: Total Prizes: 34,000 VCG Tokens (in the form of Vouchers)

  • Top Rank Trophies
      • Top 1 = $VCG 2,100
      • Top 2 = $VCG 1,500
      • Top 3 = $VCG 1,000
      • Top 4 – 6 = @$VCG Tokens 400
      • Top 7 – 10 = @$VCG Tokens 300
  • Top Rank Score
    • Top 1 = $VCG 2,100
    • Top 2 = $VCG 1,500
    • Top 3 = $VCG 1,000
    • Top 4 – 6 = @$VCG Tokens 400
    • Top 7 – 10 = @$VCG Tokens 300
  • First 1,000 registrants: $VCG Token 20 each

Q: Will the points collected be reset every 3 days or per week?

A: Your points will not be reset during the program period

Q: Do you need an email login when joining this program?

A: No need, you can just play in guest mode because your points will be accumulated according to your Player ID, make sure you get and remember your player ID!

About Orange Banana Punch

open beta test orange banana punch

Orange Banana Punch is a puzzle game published by ARCADE2BIT.

This game is suitable for all ages. Because, it has a gameplay that is very simple and easy to play.

You just need to press the blocks to collect and explode them.

With a good strategy and blowing up all the fruit, you can get the highest score.

In the game, players can also unlock new characters and upgrade the special abilities of the characters used.

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