Must Know! These are the advantages of Hero Bruno in Mobile Legends

Hero Bruno's weakness

Bruno is a fairly agile Marksman hero Mobile Legends. Bruno has a fairly long blink ability that most other Marksman like Irithel and Lesley don't have. So, what are the advantages of Bruno's hero?

This Bruno looks like an ordinary marksman. Even if you already know your strengths and abilities, Bruno is a very scary Sagittarius in the Land Of Dawn.

On this occasion, we will specifically discuss the advantages of Hero Bruno Mobile Legends in 2022.

The advantages of Hero Bruno in Mobile Legends 2022

Long Attack Range

Advantages of Hero Bruno

The strength of Bruno's first hero is the distance of his attack. Even though it's not as far as before the makeover, the marksman's shooting range is still quite far. He has a fairly safe shooting range compared to other marksman like Moskov and Layla (early game).

That way, the advantages of Bruno's hero can be relied upon to finish off opponents from a distance. He is also quite strong in the mid to late game.

High Mobility

Advantages of Hero Bruno

One of the advantages of Bruno's hero that some other Sagittarius don't have is his high level of agility. Thanks to his second ability, he is very fast.

This skill is also very useful for chasing or running away, as well as for good positioning in team fights. We also update this skill by taking the ball from skill 1. That way we can shake the enemy more easily.

The advantage of Bruno's hero from other heroes is that he is very agile, this type of advantage rarely has a hero in the Marksman role.

His second skill is one that makes him very agile, a flying tackle allows Bruno to be able to blink anywhere he even breaks through walls. This skill really makes Bruno very difficult to block, Bruno can be updated or easily escapes from searching for opposing heroes. Very good, right?

Good Crowd Control

Advantages of Hero Bruno

Bruno's second skill not only makes him agile and agile, but this ability also allows him to provide crowd control.

You can do a sliding tackle on your opponent, then he stuns. Actually this anesthetic does not last long, but it is very useful if we make good use of this moment.

The first skill will also give a slow effect, making it more difficult for enemies to escape. Meanwhile, the ultimate returns small punches back to the opponent. This effect is of course very useful to prevent enemies from approaching us.

His second skill, flying tackle when in touch with the target, this skill will have a stunned effect on the opponent for 0.5 seconds. Then, the latter kicked the ball with force into the target and gave them a knockback effect. Bruno is a strong hero.

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High Critical Damage

Advantages of Hero Bruno

Another strength of Bruno's hero is better critical damage. Apart from Granger, Bruno is also a Sagittarius who can provide very high level critical damage.

This is none other than his passive skill, which gives him a 4 percent critical chance if his skill hits an enemy. This effect can be stacked up to 5 times.

When using the ultimate skill in team combat, this passive works optimally because the ultimate skill ball bounces off many opponents. So don't be surprised if Bruno has very high damage in the middle and end of the game.

Bruno has enormous damage in the ear;y game due to his passive skills and other skills. His passive skill works to increase his damage by 2 percent whenever it is dangerous, this skill makes the basic damage on Bruno's basic attack large, even though it doesn't use an attack item.

Then, the last skill when used will increase Bruno's basic attack damage by 120 (+ 100 percent of total physical attack). Because these two things are able to grow, farm and kill opposing heroes very quickly in the early game. 

Bruno can take the team because this hero has great damage in the early game. This hero is very agile, able to create divided thrusts and can also kill Lord alone. To maximize this advantage, you don't need to doubt Bruno Hyper Clear. Faster! Surely win.

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Yes, that's the strength of Bruno's hero. With all these capabilities, of course, highly recommended to buy and use, you won't regret it.

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