Wow, MPL Season 9 Indonesia Starts Soon! Get Ready To Be Amazed By The Roster!

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MPL Season 9 in Indonesia has officially confirmed the date matchesher, after the fans esports waiting for about four months since MPL Season 8 yesterday.

Of course, the presence of an MPL event during a pandemic like now requires some adjustments. The organizers have also determined a number of things they will promote when MPL Season 9 begins.

Previously circulating rumors were that there were predictions of adding esports teams, but until the roster was announced, the teams that would compete were still the same, namely only 8 esports teams.

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Then, what are the adjustments and details of the grand competition performances? Mobile Legends in this season 9? Check out the update below.

Mobile Legends Promotions

MPL Season 9 Indonesia Implementation Date

mpl season 9 implementation date
MPL Season 9 Official Banner

Moonton Indonesia has confirmed the implementation of this MPL, namely from 18 February to 24 April 2022. Like the previous MPL seasons, season 9 will also be held for approximately 3 months.

Starting from February 18th, of course 8 teams with predetermined rosters will fight regularly for seats in the playoffs, which are usually held in the 3rd month.

Of course, you will be presented with lots of great epic battles in these 3 months. The good news, the organizers also have new plans for this competition.

Adjustment to the Pandemic Situation

Based on information obtained from an interview with Moonton Indonesia, Azwin Nugraha, the implementation of MPL Season 9 will be carried out offline. Check out the following interview.

Implementation outside the network will of course apply a very strict health protocol in accordance with government regulatory recommendations, as reported by the interview.

He also said that Season 9 will also be enjoyed by Mobile Legends game activists in general. Unlike previous seasons, the matches in season 9 can be watched without having to be "invited" by the organizers first.

This means that everyone can follow the game from the start to the playoffs later in April. An interesting breakthrough, right? Therefore, make a good note of the game date.

Apart from these new breakthroughs, MPL Season 9 will also be watched in many cinemas in Indonesia. So, you will also be spoiled with wide and exclusive screens in the cinema to watch prestigious ML matches, even while playing together with your community!

Of course, these benefits will also remain limited by regulations in anticipation of the spread of Covid-19, so it is certain that there will be regulations for vaccines and PCR or antigen tests first.

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MPL Season 9 Indonesia roster

The 9th season of MPL in Indonesia is still represented by eight Esports teams, which are certainly no strangers to Mobile Legends fans in Indonesia. Who else if not Alter Ego, AuraFire, Bigetron Alpha, Evos Legends, Geek Fam, Onic Esports, Rebellion Zion and RRQ Hoshi.

There are several faces that have been shown by certain esports teams. In addition, there was one female player who was successfully selected to be the roster in this competition.

Of course, the announcement of each team's roster will also be influenced by their promotion and relegation either from MDL to MPL or MPL to MDL.

Roster Alter Ego

mpl season 9 roster alter ego
Roster Alter Ego MPL Season 9

Alter Ego has a roster arrangement with Goldlaner and EXP laner positions filled by only one person. As for Midlaner, Jungler and Roamer are filled by two people. Here are the details:

  • Devkoch as Roamer
  • Rasy who also plays Roamer
  • Rexlona as Midlaner
  • Udil who is also a Midlaner
  • Celiboy plays the Jungler
  • Amyy who also plays the Jungler
  • Nino as Goldlaner
  • Pie as an EXP Laner

Alter Ego will also be accompanied by Nasi Uduk, Chester and Santos to optimize their team this season.

For information, Devkoch, Rexlona and Amyy are the three rosters that have been promoted from MDL to MPL this season. Surely their presence will be a new color in the Alter Ego team now.

AuraFire roster

mpl season 9 roster aura fire
Aura Fire MPL Season 9 roster

In MPL Season 9 Indonesia, AuraFire only has one new face and the others are still with their previous formation. The Jungler AuraFire role is filled by two people while the other roles are solo. Here are the details:

  • God1va as Roamer
  • Fluffy takes on the role of a solo EXP Laner
  • Kabuki as Goldlaner
  • Facehugger plays Midlaner
  • High as Jungler
  • Jamet who also plays the Jungler

Jamet has also been promoted from MDL to MPL and will be ready to show off with his strengths as a Jungle Lane specialist this season. AuraFire also has tactician Pahlevi and Match Analyst Tezet who will train the selected rosters.

Bigetron Alpha roster

mpl season 9 roster bigetron alpha
Bigetron Alpha MPL Season 9 roster

The Esports team, coached by Agee and assisted by Match Analyst Todd, also didn't change much from the previous season. Here are the details:

  • Kyy as Roamer
  • Matt who plays Goldlaner
  • Maxx as Jungler
  • Xorizo who acts as an EXP Laner
  • Rippo who is also the EXP Laner role
  • Bottle with Midlaner role
  • Renbo who also plays the Midlaner

From the roster names above, Jungler Maxx is the roster that was successfully promoted from MDL to MPL this season. Of course, the Jungler role for Maxx will be his own exclusive spectacle at the MPL Season 9 event.

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Evos Legends roster

mpl season 9 roster evos legends
Evos Legends MPL Season 9 roster

MPL Season 9 for Evos Legends trained by Zeys has a roster with the following composition:

  • Ferxiic plays the Jungler
  • Dreams as Roamer
  • Rekt who is also with the Roamer role
  • Wyvorz as EXP Laner
  • Antimage which is also an EXP Laner
  • Luminaire with Midlaner role
  • Clover who is also the Midlaner role
  • Cr1te is also a Midlaner
  • Falah who plays the role of Goldlaner
  • Vaanstrong who is also a Goldlaner

Looking at the roster above, Evos Legends has three new names promoted from MDL, namely Cr1te, Dreams and Wyvorz. With so many roles available, Evos Legends will surely have many unique and solid strategies to witness.

Geek Fam roster

mpl season 9 roster geek fam
Geek Fam MPL Season 9 roster

Coach Kevin Tirto will train the names of the rosters below, which have many new rosters in MPL Season 9 Indonesia. Here are the details:

  • Renv as Roamer
  • Vince who plays the Midlaner
  • Maevz with the EXP Laner role
  • Julian as Jungler
  • BB25 who also plays the Jungler
  • Schwann with the role of Goldlaner

Some of the names that got promoted from MDL to MPL are Vince and Maevz. Other rosters that have been maintained from the previous season are Schwann and Renv. Of course, Geek Fam will have fresh interesting tactics.

Onic Esports roster

mpl season 9 roster onic esports
Onic Esports MPL Season 9 roster

There is a fresh new face to the Onic Esports roster, namely the presence of VIOR who is the only female player in MPL Season 9. The details are as follows:

  • SIR ft. Lans as Jungler
  • Sanz who is also a Jungler
  • Butsss as EXP Laner
  • CW who plays Goldlaner
  • VIOR with Midlaner role
  • Kiboy who plays Roamer

The Jungler role in the Onic Esports roster is filled by two people, while the rest are filled with only one each. The presence of VIOR is of course the main attraction in this MPL season, which will definitely affect the tactics of the whole team.

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Rebellion Zion roster

mpl season 9 roster rebellion zion
Rebellion Zion MPL Season 9 roster

Esports, which has just changed its final name, is sprinkled with a fresher roster than the previous season. There are several rosters that have just stepped up from MDL, some have just been recruited. Here are the details:

  • Fearless as Jungler
  • Jiisa who also plays the Jungler
  • Swaylow as Roamer
  • Dyrennn with the EXP Laner role
  • B1rul as Goldlaner
  • Vall who plays the Midlaner

The roster that just stepped up from MDL is Swaylow, while Dyrennn and Fearless are new recruits who will directly compete in MPL. Certainly, coach Cikoo and Match Analyst Weyz will concoct tactics that are no less fresh too.

RRQ Hoshi Roster

mpl season 9 roster rrq hoshi
RRQ Hoshi MPL Season 9 roster

The RRQ Hoshi team brings back Lord Lemon and two people who stepped up from MDL. Who are they? Here are the details:

  • Lemons with Role All
  • Clay as Midlaner
  • Psychoo who is also a Midlaner
  • Albert with the Jungler role
  • Aether who is also a Jungler
  • Vyn as Roamer
  • Violence who is also a Roamer
  • Skylar with the role of Goldlaner
  • R7 with the EXP Laner role
  • Yummy who is also the EXP Laner role

Aether and Violence are the two promoted from MDL, while Lemon's presence will certainly add to the heat of the MPL Season 9 Indonesia competition.

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MPL Season 9 Indonesia will certainly be an interesting thing to watch during the Covid-19 pandemic. What's more, with Lemon's return to competition and various fresh faces from each team, surely you can't wait to see them compete, Vicigers!

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