5 Fatal Mistakes When Playing Clash Squad FF Mode, Don't Do It!

Clash Squad FF mode

When playing Clash Squad FF mode, there are several fatal mistakes that players often make. To find out, don't let you do this.

Clash Squad FF mode is the ultimate skill test for players. They must work together and coordinate to win each round of the match. The more spins they win, the higher the chances of taking home the final prize.

However, as easy as it sounds, even winning a single round is harder than it looks. While lack of skill plays a major role, there are other faults that contribute to their failure.

So, below are five mistakes to avoid in Clash Squad FF mode. Curious? Then, don't miss to read it.

List of Player Errors When Playing in Clash Squad FF Mode

Given how fast Clash Squad FF mode is, players tend to make a lot of mistakes. This often hinders the efficiency of the battle and ultimately leads to the loss of the match. Luckily, most of these errors can be fixed.

Apart from the skill gap issues and lack of coordination among teammates, other minor mistakes can be corrected. By following some tips and actively applying them during the game, players can perform better in CS mode.

Making these common mistakes in CS Free Fire mode can hinder the outcome of the match.

Try Rushing Yourself

Clash Squad FF mode

Clash Squad FF mode is team based matches. It is important to note that without a good team, victory is impossible. However, many players try to take on the role of Rambo and rush solo towards the enemy squad.

In a cinematic universe, solo players will likely come out on top. But in this reality, the enemy team gets free kills. This gives them an advantage in battle as well as a numerical advantage.

Attacking enemies is a very common tactic used in both BR and CS modes. Players rush their opponents in hopes of annihilating them. If done correctly, minimal damage is maintained, and the enemy team is eliminated.

Unfortunately, as players level up and face more challenging opponents, the rush dynamic evolves. Rushing to use force was no longer a viable option. This will result in a devastating loss.

Unfortunately, this is a very common mistake players make in Free Fire's CS mode. The whole team rushed in blindly, spraying bullets at the enemy. While some damage can be inflicted without strategy, the attack will be easily stopped or countered.

Has No Supporting Characters

Clash Squad FF mode

Support characters play an important role in battle. Their abilities increase the team's overall efficiency and help teammates stay alive in battle.

However, for some unknown reason, many teams are headfirst into match mode Clash Squad FF no supporting characters.

Many players tend to choose characters and abilities that have no value in CS mode. While these abilities are not bad, they are best used in BR mode.

For example, using A124 in BR mode is a tactical advantage. Users can find mushrooms and use the Thrill of Battle ability to heal quickly.

However, players must use funds to buy mushrooms in CS mode. This will leave them short on cash to buy other items.

Raid the Enemy in the Highlands

Clash Squad FF mode

Rush attacks are especially useful for pushing enemies out of cover or killing them outright. However, not all situations require rushing attacks. For example, if the enemy had high ground, rushing them would be a stupid task.

Thanks to good cover and superior shooting angles, players will not be able to maintain momentum and will be stopped in their tracks. Once fired upon, the enemy team can attack players until all are eliminated.

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Bought the Wrong Weapon

Clash Squad FF mode
FF weapons

While FF's Clash Squad mode is primarily a team-based game, individual choices matter as well. Often, players tend to buy weapons that are not suitable for the task at hand.

Without the necessary firepower, they were unable to provide combat support. This directly affects the team's strength in battle and they start to struggle to maintain their footing during the game.

Weapons and items purchased in CS mode must be chosen with care. Just buying the most expensive item doesn't guarantee success. Unfortunately, this is what most players tend to do.

Given the limited amount of funds available for each round, purchasing the wrong item can seriously hamper a match. Even if neither item is wrong, not knowing how to use it is a waste of funds.

For example, if the character doesn't rely on EP, buying mushrooms becomes a waste. Players are better off buying medkits or inhalers for quick healing during matches.

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Lacks Team Coordination

Clash Squad FF mode

Individual talent in team play is highly valued. However, if players fail to function as a team, no Skills will be enough to keep up with coordination and communication.

Players will often find themselves on the losing side in every game despite being able to hold back. This problem only got worse as player ratings rose throughout the season.

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