Mistakes Made Using the Sniper Character in TF2

TF2 Characters

Sniper is one of the popular character classes in any shooter game, and is also included in the games TF2 or Team Fortress 2.

The Sniper character in the TF2 game works very differently than expected. Because the damage he gives is much smaller when he doesn't use a scope. 

Another difference is that they also don't deal as much damage to penetrate armor as other Snipers in other games.

This makes it necessary to play the Sniper class well, so you can avoid mistakes when using it.

Therefore, here are some common mistakes that players often make as a Sniper in TF2.

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Using SMG Excessively

Using SMG Excessively
Using SMG Excessively. Source: Pinterest

In other games, submachine guns are effective close combat weapons because they can quickly kill opponents. 

However, in TF2 this weapon is only used to finish off enemies with low HP, because SMG Sniper produces a maximum of 12 damage per shot. 

The mistake that most new players often make is trying to kill enemies with this weapon. 

Even though the TF2 Sniper's main weapon is more reliable in producing damage.

When dealing with an enemy at close range, a Sniper must develop the skills to quickly aim and shoot the enemy in the head. 

Only after a headshot, the Sniper can finish him off with an SMG. Apart from that, a Sniper must have the confidence to use his melee weapon in close combat.

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Remain Standing and Silent

TF2 Characters
Remain Standing and Silent. Source: VCGamers

Sniper is the class in TF2 that requires the most focus. But usually new players are so focused on their views that they forget to move. 

Standing still will make the Sniper an easy target for enemy Snipers.

What a Sniper must do is move after each shot. 

Apart from that, Snipers should not stay in one area. And a good sniper sometimes has to move from location to location, making it difficult to track.

Not Paying Attention to Surroundings

Not Paying Attention to Surroundings
Not Paying Attention to Surroundings. Source: Team Fortress 2

Snipers are natural prey for the Spy class. So that snipers tend to be too focused on what is within their scope, they will forget to look at the surrounding area.

By being sensitive to environmental conditions and combined with readiness to anticipate, it can protect the Sniper from future threats. 

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Creating Improper Loadouts

TF2 Characters
Creating Improper Loadouts. Source: Team Fortress 2

A Sniper's playing style has many approaches because it has many different weapons. 

With the Huntsman bow and arrow, the Sniper can adopt an offensive playing style and even get involved near the front line. 

With Sydney Sleeper, Sniper can take on the role of support, coating enemies with the Jarate debuff from a distance.

With Machina, he can take on the role of crowd control and the piercing ability of the weapon.

The Sniper's secondary weapons are also varied, as are its melee options. Knowing the benefits of each weapon is an important tip when playing as a Sniper. 

Loadout mistakes made were using Razorback when there were no Spies, using Machina when there were no choke points on the map, or using Bushwacka without a mini-crit buff weapon.

Pulling Huntsman Bow Too Long

Pulling Huntsman Bow Too Long
Pulling Huntsman Bow Too Long. Source: Team Fortress 2

Huntsman is a good choice for Sniper for flexible attacks. A fully charged shot can do enormous damage. 

However, pulling the string too long will cause the arrow to miss the target. A sign that the Huntsman has been drawn too long is that the weapon begins to vibrate due to the pull. So when fired, this weapon will not shoot directly forward.

Huntsman may not be drawn for more than five seconds. A Sniper without a target must take down the Huntsman after being drawn for too long. 

This can be done with a right click or the Sniper can quickly switch weapons, then return to his main weapon.

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So, those are some common mistakes made by the Sniper character class in the TF2 or Team Fortress 2 game. Hopefully this article can be useful and helpful!

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