Microsoft Flight Simulator, Simulation Game with AI Features!

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Simulation games are one of the most popular genres right now. Players can do things in the real world for entertainment, training, and analysis. One of the most famous simulator games is Microsoft Flight Simulator.

This time, VCGamers will discuss Microsoft Flight Simulator as an airplane flight simulator game.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator games
Microsoft Flight Simulator Game Trailer Poster. Source: YouTube/GameSpot Trailers

Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) is a realistic airplane flight simulator game made by Asobo Studio. Xbox Game Studios released the game and it became one of the most popular airplane simulator games.

Vicigers can play the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator through the Xbox X/S, Microsoft Windows, and OpenXR platforms, platforms that provide Virtual Reality or VR games.

This simulation game will take players to the world of flight. Players will fly various planes, take off, and simulate landings.

For Vicigers who don't know about airplanes at all, don't worry! This game will provide an in-depth tutorial about aircraft like an amateur pilot. Intrigued by the gameplay? Check out the discussion about the gameplay and features available below!

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The Gameplay

Microsoft Flight Simulator Gameplay
Microsoft Flight Simulator Gameplay. Source: YouTube/MKIceAndFire

Like simulation games in general, players will start the Microsoft Flight Simulator game with a basic tutorial. The tutorial contains ways to fly, simulate, to basic aircraft controls.

Apart from that, new players will also be assisted with matters relating to aircraft flights. The tutorial will end with a test takeoff and how to land.

During the tutorial, players will be assisted by a pilot named Captain Jess Molina. He will provide assistance and challenges such as landing at various world-famous airports.

This airplane simulator game has Air Traffic Controllers or ATC and virtual co-pilot that can help players when confused about landing or other matters regarding flights.

This game also has unique expansions, such as the Reno Air Races expansion. The expansion delivers 40 new aircraft and features multiplayer races and time trials for single-player mode.

The Top Gun Maverick is also one of the game's famous expansions. This expansion or DLC provides a unique fighter jet from the famous film Top Gun Maverick that players can use.

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Unique Features of Microsoft Flight Simulator

Features of Microsoft Flight Simulator
One of the Airports in Flight Simulator Game. Source: Steam

The advantage of the Microsoft Flight Simulator game is its resemblance to the real world. With the available technology, this game takes data from Flight Radar to create a flight simulation like in the real world.

Not only that, this game will also provide a very real flight simulation experience for players. This game uses the topography of the whole world using data from Bing Maps.

According to Microsoft, the data from Bing Maps contains 2.5 petabytes containing 37 thousand airports, 2 million cities, 2 trillion trees and 117 million rivers. This is an attempt by Microsoft to emulate the real world in this flight simulation game.

Asobo Studio as the developer of this game uses Microsoft Azure as AI which provides a representation of features in the world such as clouds and weather.

Meteoblue is also used to generate weather real-time, wind speed, humidity, weather, to rain when flying the plane.

This simulation game offers multiplayer features. According to Windows Central, players can find about 50 other players within 200 kilometers.

Microsoft Flight Simulator aircraft

Microsoft Flight Simulator aircraft
List of Microsoft Flight Simulator Planes. Source: Steam

Vicigers can use a variety of aircraft that have different specifications. There are more than 50 planes that Vicigers can play in this game.

The first popular aircraft available was the Airbus A320neo. The aircraft has a speed of 445 KTAS and is capable of flying in the air for 7 hours.

Aircraft enthusiasts must have heard of Boeing aircraft. In this game, one of the Boeing aircraft is the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental series. The speed of this Boeing 747-8 reaches 493 KTAS and has a longer flight time of 16 hours.

Besides the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental, there is also the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner which is slightly faster but has shorter flight hours. This aircraft has a speed of 495 KTAS and can fly for 13 hours.

If Vicigers are bored with big planes, then the Cessna Citation Longitude can be an option. This aircraft is included in the business jet class which is relatively smaller in size. This aircraft belonging to Cessna has a speed of 483 KTAS and a flight time of about 7 hours.

For fans of classic aircraft, Vicigers can use the Aviat Pitts Special S2S. Despite having a speed of only 150 KTAS and a flight time of about 2 hours, this aircraft is suitable for competitions and performing various stunt flights.

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