M82B Weapon, A Sniper Similar to AWM!

M82B gun

Overview of the M82B Weapon

Aloha Vicigers! Who does not know one battleground game which is being viral in android and iOS developed by Garena? Yep, who doesn't know games Free Fire (FF).

Games who complied Sea Limited player or people who play FF games this is almost more than 100 million users per day. You can imagine how viralhis games this one.

Games who demands the player to be able to survive until the end to get this victory, of course, with a large number of users it will make para player find a way to be a winner.

One way to be a winner is to have and use adequate weapons. This weapon is decisive player will be the winner or not inside battleground game this.

One of the weapons released on June 3 2020, namely the M82B weapon, is the most sought-after weapon. why para player looking for this weapon? Let's see the explanation!

This weapon belongs to the category of weapons Sniper Rifle (SR). The weapon almost sought after by the Free Fire players These can be found almost anywhere on the map. However, due to its advantages, this weapon only exists in limited quantities.

For now, this M82B weapon can be said to be the best weapon in its category Sniper Rifle (SR) in games Free Fire at the moment.

One of the reasons is because of the ability this weapon provides damage which is great on vehicles and gloo wall (200%) which proves how powerful this weapon is.

The ability of this weapon to penetrate gloo wall this is not to be underestimated. Anyone who uses this weapon will be able to immediately attack the enemy hiding behind gloo wall and will receive damage of 80%.

How scary! Then, what are the specifications and how to use this weapon inside Free Fire games? Come on, see the explanation below!

M82B Weapon Specifications

The following are the specifications of the various M82B weapons Sniper Rifle (SR) , that is :

Movement Speed55
Rate of Fire27
Reload Speed41
Armor Penetration67

From the specifications table above it can be seen damage of this weapon is very large. When viewed from the specifications of other snipers such as AWM and Kar98K, these three actually have pointdamage, level of accuracy, and rate of fire the same one.

However, from the specs armor penetration his M82B is superior in comparison to guns Sniper Rifle (SR) another.

For this reason, this weapon is often referred to as a sniper weapon that is close to AWM and may even surpass it.

Advantages & Disadvantages of the M82B Weapon

The advantages of the M82B weapon include:

  1. Pointdamage big given
  2. Long shooting distance
  3. High accuracy
  4. Bullets that don't take up much space

Even though this weapon has many advantages, this SR weapon is not without its drawbacks. Following are the disadvantages of the SR M82B weapon, namely:

  1. Weapon one-shot
  2. Fire rate which is quite low
  3. Easy on counters if the player aims continuously
  4. Not always one-hit-one kill

Of course, with the advantages and disadvantages of this weapon, players can adjust their needs to do battle.

How to Play the M82B Weapon

  1. Pay attention to the shooting range

Weapons included Sniper Rifle (SR) this is made to shoot enemies at long distances which of course it is equipped with attachments adequate scope. If you insist on shooting at close or medium distances, this weapon will not work optimally.

Or it can even be overcome by enemies and even become a boomerang for players. Apart from that, when using this weapon, don't be afraid if you miss it because in its specifications alone, this weapon has 90 points which ensures players can hit the target on target.

  1. Determine the hiding position

Because it's a weapon sniper rifle (SR) which basically is used to shoot long distances then player also must be able to read the situation and conditions around them. Because then player can shoot enemies without getting caught.

If known by the enemy then this can player in a bad state because their position was already noticed by the enemy.

  1. destroy gloo wall enemy

As explained earlier that this weapon can penetrate gloo wall fight and give damage against an opponent hiding behind gloo wall.

Therefore, when player see there gloo wall then it is advisable to try to aim and shoot.

  1. Utilise skills character Mocco

The combination of this deadly weapon with the skillful Mocco character Hacker's Eye would make this weapon even deadlier.

Where skills It has a function to mark and be able to find out where the enemy is hiding.

  1. Use of skins

usage skins this actually doesn't matter in-game. However, usually one player will be more confident to bring out his abilities when wearing skins which they like.

That's an explanation of sniper weapons that approach AWM and how to use them. Please try it yourself and be a real winner! BOOYAH!

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