Lynx AMR Vs AWM PUBG, Which is the Best Weapon?

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Before the arrival of Lynx AMR, AWM was the best SR. These two SRs are targeted after the update PUBG Mobile 2.1. So, who is the best?

PUBG Mobile Lynx AMR is the latest sniper rifle that is recognized as the best weapon. Before the arrival of AMR, AWM was the best SR. Let's compare these two SRs to show which one is better for now.

Comparison of Lynx AMR Vs AWM PUBG

Players and fans of this game are looking forward to Krafton releasing regular updates. This update contains several new features which enrich the BR experience in a big way.

Following the success of the last few updates, the developers rolled out the 2.1 update on July 14th. The update has introduced the new Lynx AMR sniper which is unrivaled.


Lynx AMR
Using a Sniper Rifle weapon

Lynx AMR has slightly higher hit points than AWM. But the gap is not that big. Lynx AMR's 4 percent higher damage compared to AWM can't make a difference as both of these weapons can kill players with level-3 helmets in just one shot.

In addition, they need the same number of bullets to take down enemies.

Bullet Speed

Lynx AMR
AWM gun bullet velocity

Bullet velocity is very important for sniper rifles. The higher the bullet speed, the better the SR performance. AWM has an ideal bullet speed of 945m/s which is the highest speed before update 2.1. But now the Lynx AMR takes the crown.

The bullet speed of the newest airdrop sniper is 1100 m/s. This is the highest bullet velocity so far. Higher velocity means lower bullet drop which performs better in long range combat. Especially if these two weapons fire simultaneously, the AMR bullet will hit the target earlier.


Lynx AMR
Latest sniper guns

Both AMR and AWM use unique ammo types that only appear in airdrops. Specifically, the new sniper is equipped with 10 rounds of .50 ACP ammunition and the AWM is equipped with 25 rounds of .300 Magnum.

If you use these bullets, just throw away these SRs as they will become useless until you find one airdrop next time with this weapon. So, in terms of ammunition, AWM is better with more bullets.


Lynx AMR
Using the latest SR on PUBG Mobile

The AWM also has more attachment slots than the new Lynx AMR sniper rifle.

  • The Lynx AMR only has one slot for scopes from Holographic sights up to 8x scopes.
  • AWM has up to five attachment slots for scope, stock, mag, muzzle and canted sight.

If the gun has more adjustment slots, it can be more stable and reliable with the best full set of attachments.

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Rate Of Fire

Lynx AMR
SR AWM weapon

This new sniper can stay between shots. It gets a 1.37 second delay between two shots. When using the old sniper AWM, players will need to reload between shots. So the difference is also longer, namely 2.32 seconds.

But when you need to reload full load bullets, AWM can reload faster if you install quickdraw mag. Without this mag, they need the same reload period.

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This new sniper has a special ability to penetrate armor, while AWM does not have a special ability. AMR is the only weapon in PUBG Mobile that can shoot through BRDM armored trucks and all vehicles in the game. So, Lynx AMR is better than AWM.

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